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Friday, May 6, 2011

And the Winner is...

                         Carson McMillan with his OT goal to put Aeros up by 1 over Admirals tonight.


DiSalvatore high Fiving
 The puck rebounds-Smith better look between his legs for it
It was the REAL AEROS, the team of Round One, yes, that team that swept Peoria off the pages of the AHL, that came out skating like chased by the devil (does he have the name Yeo, perhaps?), shooting furiously, attacking, fore checking and stealing pucks, snatching pucks from right in front of Hacketts net more times on rebounds, and keeping the Ads mostly inside their zone.

Despite the addition of  Ryan Ellis, the Ads just could not get to the Aeros net enough.. only 13 SoGs.
There was THAT one time early in the OT, that almost made my heart stop... but at the last second the puck was fished away and shot down the ice (was it Gillies?)- if it was he reacted so fast and saved his goalie!

I have to admire Jeremy Smith's truly heroic efforts to stop the Aeros Juggernaut of 33 SoGs - but it just wasn't enough. And I could tell he was mad at himself and/or ?? to allow McMillan to get the winning goal skating off as fast as he could:

Good Bye Jeremy, until the next time!
Aeros went on the board with two goals in the First,  a very effective G.O.P. line got the First goal less than 2 minutes into the game.
Followed at half point with the PP goal by O'Sullivan, Rau, Noreau (who I may add was with us -it  this evening) and the photos above show the aftermath of that goal (I missed Goal Nr. One - it just happened soo fast). 
Thuresson (that pesky Admiral) made it 2-1 and the period was over.

Rau 'laced up'
The second saw some scrimmages, some interlaced skates, some heavy hitting on Ortmeyer, some good and fast reactions by Bulmer, Gillies and Spurgeon and others.
And the evener goal by Johnson Aeros 2 - Ads 2... and so it went.

No goals by either side in the Third. 
But a fabulous play towards the end of that period by Earl.

Goal by Johnson-Ads catch up
Smith really went out of his net so many times it still amazes me that the Aeros were unable to utilize his absence and score.

Guess he was just too athletic and so quick...here are a few of his saves:

Goalie Bagnell helping out while Hackett chases pucks?

A Conga Line amyone?

Not it is not a puck -. just Jeremy Smith playing house in his net!

It's balloon, it;s a UFO ? it's just a puck gone sailing!
About 3 minutes into OT McMillan led the Aeros to victory with the help by Palmer and Noreau (as I said he was present again,  our Max was).

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