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Thursday, March 10, 2011

The rain, the rain...

in Florida falls mainly on the swamp.
Yes, it's true it's raining, nay pouring, again this 'lovely' (if you like rain)
Florida morning with temperatures low, indeed, enough, to match.
And thunder is booming.
Dark clouds ominously threatening.
No daring golfers out in this.
Wait, there is one cart.. but he/she is taking rapid flight back to the Clubhouse!
So gators, herons, and other wildlife frolicking, with no human presence, except on some lofty balconies overlooking lagoons in this '.paradise' (surely after the fall).
Later, we shall, once more venture across Alligator Alley to the Panthers Lair as they take on The Senators with or without Corey Locke.

The vaunted Blackhawks, DID NOT WIN  in a shoot out vs the Tampa Bay Lightning.
The winning goal in the shoot out after discussions and disputes,
finally was accepted as the one by Saint Louis, the 'short of it'  see a previous blog post "The Long and The Short of it!") of the Lightning!

Yes, it's true, this trip has every night a hockey game of one kind or another lol..
although I am engrossed some in "INSIDE OUTSIDE by" Herman Wouk.
A well written, insightful and yet satirical take on a certain president and the life leading to and during that period from the view of Jewish Americans.

On the Aeros front, Scandella recalled to the North and still no sight of the Penner part of the trade for Khudobin,, ah well, THAT IS Hockey!
Ups and downs, revolving doors.
Hockey nomads moving and Hockey Big Shots shaking up the brew!

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