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Friday, May 6, 2011

The all important question is this AM..

Gillies, Peters, O'Sullivan in action around Hackett R2G3
will/can Aeros keep the momentum displayed last evening going?
A win would be great when going to Milwaukee for the last one or two games. 
But: Will the Ads adjust to the 'newish' Aeros play?
But: Will the ice conditions make that much a difference?
Ah, well all these questions will be covered exhaustively tonight and the after the game by various  parochial bloggers, the "official blog of the Aeros", the semiofficial bloggers at T3I, and the actual print media guy.

So I shall meander over to the IIHF and report on results there from yesterdays games for those of you, cher readers, who can't or won't spend time on the net:
But I feel it is interesting to say the least, since several of those skating there now are in, or will be with the NHL and AHL teams next year.

Jason Zucker (IIHF Juniors) signed by Wild
That second half of the trade for Anton Khudobin (BTW since with the Bruins he played 4 games and recorded a  .942 % svs), Mikko Lehtonen,
for instance, has been reported to have signed with KHL for next season, so the Wild managed to get ONLY Penner for Anton for sure. Of course, it is possible the Wild may buy out that contract.. but....

So my poor country Austria again the loser with 2 versus Belarus with 7
(and Belarus was not exactly a forerunner up to now) SIGH!
Slovakia vs. Latvia 5-2, Russia vs Denmark 4-3 and  Norway vs Switzerland 3-2.
Hmm, that begs the question: are Austria and Switzerland - being so 'hilly' and better known for other winter sports (skiing), - less prone to manage flat surfaces (just kidding).
Also you may notice that Italy, also a 'hilly' (in the North) nation did not field a team competing.
And France (also hilly) was not exactly a "burning up the ice" team as well. Again am kidding! Although Austria has supplied a few, a very few, good to excellent hockey players to the NHL
(Vanek, An
dreas Nodl 
Michael Grabner..etc.).
Not sure why Slovakia,  Czech Republic and Slovenia (all hilly countries to some extent, as well) do so much better in hockey? Goalies (Vokoun, etal), giants-not in basketball (Chara) - and many other skaters.
Is it because these neighbour states of the former USSR followed the example of state athlete training -get them young and they'll do better (vide China's 'baby' athletes!!).
But then where IS Hungary?
Any way just some nagging questions while sorta following the IIHF over there!

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