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Friday, May 27, 2011

Plugged in Aeros

 get the upper  'puck' over B Sens tonight with a win  3-1 in front of huge and raucous crowd. Period One went fast but no goals by either side. My eyes were seeking out some old faves.. like Numbers 84 and 33. Although 33 was BUG, 84 was skating but not scoring! At least tonight, he did not.

Aeros defense was formidable and kept B Sens pinned mostly in their section, although the only B Sens goal in the Second Period by Butler and Greening was on turn over and on a very surprised Hackett who was..once again out of position and could not skate fast enough to get back to stop that goal.
He needs to be more judicious in when he leisurely skates behind his net.. surely not when a foe is barreling down the center of the ice. methinks!

The look on Lofgren in the aeries where the NON dressed Aeros sat.. speaks for itself I think (LOL)
Lofgren in Blue chewing on nail?

Nor sure who eitehr screams in horror or yawns at Goal by B Sens ;-)!
 After that the pace seemed slower and more hesitant as far as the general feeling went, although the Aeros kept up the SOGs on Lehner (16).

But the infusion of O (not oxygen-ORTMEYER) in the Third pulled Aeros even and then ahead 2-1. The  helpers on both go to Gillies and Scandella.

And the icing on the cake was provided by Peters with an empty netter with 30 seconds to go in the Third. Lehner IMO for a 19 years old Rookie acquitted himself rather well stopping 38 0f 40 SOGs.
Hackett stopped 23 of 24.. thanks indubitably due in part to Aeros souped up defense!
At the tail end a scrum broke out...4 minutes on Z.Smith  2 for high sticking and 2 for roughing , while Almond received 2 minutes for roughing at 20:00.
Now does this mean the  Aeros will start tomorrow's game on a PP?????
Anyone of you experts knows?

Gryba seems to point to where he will trip someone later :-)?
One of the 2 PP for B Sens!
More tomorrow - some videos for my readers enjoyment.
See ya all TOMORROW again!

And hope the 8000 plus of tonight
will translate into 10000 plus!
With More Thundersticks, Cowbell, Vuvucelas and Horns

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ICEVET said...

An O-xygen infusion (Jed Ortmeyer) drove the Aeros past the exhausted and frustrated Sens, tonight.

The 8,000+ crowd sounded like 15,000 during most of the game, in particular during the Third Period when the Aeros scored 3 unanswered goals and forced the Sens to play "Aeros Hockey".

Given the Aeros favorable home-ice record during the Playoffs (only 2 losses) and favorable record in back-to-back games (5-1), the Aeros should have the "edge" in Saturday's game. Hopefully, the boys can shut the very talented Sens down, once again.

Go Aeros!!!