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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chapter Two: AHL

What is the length of the current AHL-PHPA CollectiveBargainingAgreement?
The CBA is four (4) years in duration, beginning September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2014.

AHL teams
Minimum Salary for AHL Players
Players playing in the AHL on an AHL Standard Player’s Contract shall receive minimum compensation as follows:
2011-12 - $39,000 U.S. Clubs/ or $41,000 Cdn. Clubs
2012-13 - $40,500 U.S. Clubs/ or $42,000 Cdn. Clubs
2013-14 - $41,500 U.S. Clubs/ or $43,000 Cdn. Clubs
Players on loan to the AHL from Lesser Leagues shall receive this minimum
2011-12 - $31,500 U.S. Clubs/ or $32,700 Cdn. Clubs
2012-13 - $32,500 U.S. Clubs/ or $33,750 Cdn. Clubs
2013-14 - $32,500 U.S. Clubs/ or $33,750 Cdn. Clubs
The above amounts pro-rated daily over the AHL regular season.

Per Diem Allowance for AHL Players
The per diem allowance for each Player accompanying his team while he is away for the purpose of playing a regular season or post-season game
2011-12 - $65
2012-13 - $67
2013-14 - $67
In the event any Club’s travel time to an away game is less than 3.5 hours, and return travel taking place following the game is less than 3.5 hours, the Club shall make a single per diem payment to each Player in the amount of $20.00.

Per Diem during an AHL Training Camp
AHL Clubs conducting their training camp in conjunction with an NHL Club shall reimburse the Players at the same rate as paid to the NHL Players per day for meals. This amount shall be paid until the termination of the joint training camp. After termination, or when an AHL Club is conducting its own training camp, the team shall pay to the Player who attends training camp under a signed professional contract an amount equal to the previous season's regular daily per diem for meals until the conclusion of the training camp.

Playoff Pool structure
The distribution of the playoff pool shall be made on the basis of 22 shares for 22 players listed on the clear day list. Based upon regular season ticket prices, the AHL Member Clubs and the PHPA shall share in the proceeds of the playoffs for the benefit of the playoff pool. The AHL shall pay into the playoff pool $325,000 as full payment for first round games, a minimum of $700,000 or 32% of the net gate receipts (after tax) up to $2,500,000 of net gate receipt revenue from rounds two, three and four. In the event that the net gate receipt revenue from rounds two, three and four exceeds $2,500,000 the AHL shall pay into the playoff pool 32.5% of that revenue.

Pre and Post-Season Travel Expenses
Travel expenses incurred by a Player, his legal wife and their children on the way to their home city at the beginning of, or during the season, are the responsibility of the Club. This includes airfare or oil and fuel for one automobile, the rental charge for a moving trailer, and reasonable food and lodging expenses.

Veteran Rule
Each AHL Club must dress for each regularly scheduled or play-off game, at least eleven (11) Players, other than goaltenders, who have played in a total of not more than two hundred and sixty (260) regular season games in the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, International Hockey League, or any European Elite League, prior to the start of the season, and one (1) player, other than goaltenders, who has played in a total of not more than three hundred and twenty (320) regular season games in the National Hockey League, American Hockey League, International Hockey League, or any European Elite League, prior to the start of the season. Any Player who participates in European Elite League games during a hockey season in which the Player would be eligible to play in the Canadian Hockey League (excluding an overage year) shall not have such games count in the calculation of the two hundred and sixty (260) regular season games. Players on loan from the National Hockey League for a first fourteen (14) day conditioning period shall not be affected by the aforesaid experience requirement.
In the event a Club dresses fewer than seventeen (17) skaters, the number eleven (11) shall be reduced accordingly. In the event the Member Clubs elect to dress eighteen (18) skaters, the development rule

Insurance Coverage Period
All Players who are signed to an AHL/NHL contract or Pro Try-Out Agreement, and make the Opening Night roster qualify for off-ice insurance benefits, and receive coverage up to a maximum of 365 days in a coverage year from October 1 - September 30.

Dispute Resolution Process
Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to the CBA, including the renewal or renegotiations for a new Agreement, or the AHL Standard Players Contract, or from the breach of any, shall be resolved by arbitration

Player access to his own medical records
Within fourteen (14) days of a Club’s last game, the Club shall provide each Player with a complete copy of his medical records at the time of his annual exit physical. The exit physical shall document all injuries that may require future medical or dental treatment either in the near future or post career. The Club shall remain responsible for the payment of medical and dental costs associated with treatment of such hockey-related injuries at a future date.

Membership Assistance Program available to AHL Players
A drug, alcohol, financial and stress-counseling program has been established and will be fully funded by AHL owners.

Career Counseling program available for AHL Players
The PHPA has created a Career Enhancement Program to assist Members with the ever-difficult transition from hockey.

How does this CBA apply to NHL contracted Players in the AHL?
It is recognized that Players who are signed to a National Hockey League (NHL) contract are bound by that contract, and the terms and conditions thereof while they are assigned to an AHL Club. It is agreed that no provision of this Agreement shall be applicable to a player playing under the NHL contract if such provision conflicts with his benefits or obligations as set forth in his NHL contract.

Strike of Lockout during the term of this CBA
There shall at no time during the term of this Agreement be any strikes, walkouts or the use of any method of lockout.

Standard Player Contract
In the event a Player shall play in the AHL under other than an NHL contract, the Player and the AHL Club for which he plays shall enter into an AHL Standard Player’s Contract.

AHL Regular Season Schedule
The regular season shall not exceed eighty (80) games. This year reduced to 76 games plus the league will extend the playing calendar by one week, eliminate all four-games-in-five-nights sequences, and reduce opening-round series in the playoffs to best-of-5.

AHL All-Star Break - What do players receive if they are selected to play?
There shall be a four (4) day All-Star Event Break, if said event is played. Teams and Players not participating in the All-Star Event may not practice during the break and there shall be no travel, Player appearances, or promotional requirements for a 72-hour period.
The AHL shall provide transportation and accommodations for each Player and the spouse of each Player who participates in the AHL All-Star Game. Each All-Star participant will be given per diem as per this Agreement.

Does the current CBA address the licensing of player likenesses?
The PHPA and the League continue to jointly license all trading cards or similar collectible products that utilize Player likeness. Neither the PHPA nor the League shall license any such licensees solely unless the other declines to participate.

AHL Players commitments to Promotional Activities
Promotional activities including, but not limited to, personal appearances shall continue to be the obligation of the Players. The Players agree and recognize their obligation to assist in the promotion of the marketing of hockey in general and the American Hockey League. However, promotional and/or personal appearances are not to be scheduled on a day immediately following an extended road trip (5 days). Upon request, the Players shall wear AHL or Member Club licensed apparel as provided by the Club for television interviews on League contracted telecasts.

Does the AHL adhere to the same on-ice rules as the NHL?
The AHL adopts most of the same rules currently implemented in the NHL. The AHL also has in the past experimented with rule changes as a trial test for the NHL. For example, the No-Handling Goalie Zone, Shootout and One-Minute Minor Penalty in overtime are all rules that were first implemented in the AHL.

Is there a maximum amount a player can earn?
There is no maximum salary a player in the AHL can earn.

Can AHL players be traded or moved from one AHL team to another?
Yes, the AHL Club shall have the right to sell, assign, exchange, and transfer a contract, and to loan the Player’s services to any other professional hockey club.

AHL rookie
Players who enter the season with fewer than 25 games of professional experience in North America (NHL or AHL) or fewer than 100 games of experience in a European elite league qualify as an AHL rookie.

And here from Aeros to Aeros fans. Enjoy.

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