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Sunday, March 3, 2013

A win in the North, a win in the South

Hockey fans are happy.
Aeros won 5:1 over the Heat.
Brust as Binghampton Senator
Barry Brust in goal for the heat must have had a bad hair day ;-)!
2 Goals AND 2 assists by Larsson netted him the Nr. 1 *.Phillips, Rau and Fontaine got the others. Hackett as the Nr 2* was in the net. 3 goals Larsson,Rau and Fontaine's were on a PP!

For Kolanos fans Krys had the first assist on the only goal by Nemisz for the Heat in front of sparse  crowd - less than 3.000.

Dov Grumet Morris with new pads

Matt Climie
Dov Grumet Morris of the Rampage did a lot better, he only let in 1 goal by Ebbett in the 3rd. for the Wolves. While Rallo(Miskovich and McFarland) scored first for rampage and Hamill unassisted brought home the winner. The loud and boisterous crowd of almost 11,000 went home happy! Armed Forces Night.

Sacrificing for the team.. and yes, that puck did not go in

Sled hockey team as honor guard at entrance of Rampage
Not just one-TWO fights simultaneously quickly broken up
After this exciting fast paced game with relatively few penalties  and no PP goals, the Armed Forces Special Jerseys went on  live auction... well, the guys came out, slicked down and in spiffy suits, and stepped up to be auctioned off, their jerseys, I mean of course. I believe they raised over 25,000 to benefit the charities for, among several, the Rampage sled hockey team which is sending 3 to the national team to compete in Sochi! BTW Jed Ortmeyer's Jersey fetched a very nice 800 plus...and from the comments overheard, he is seen as an important factor the team's dismal performance earlier in the season has turned around. As all Aeros fans know only too well, right!
This fan is obviously NOT happy with the 3 on 2 scramble for the puck in front of his section :-)

Now on Friday my fortune cookie said "A surprise is waiting for you on Saturday." And so it was... after all when a 'cow parachutes'  into one's lap with a coupon for a free sandwich, finding a shiny penny on the way to ATT Center, Rampage win and
 seeing this
at the auction which was very successful...
now that all IS a surprise, not so?

But on the lighter side; the game reminded me rather a lot of  'let's find the goalie' and of "upsadaisy who" all night long  on both sides.
Which was, I am sure, no fun for Climie nor Grumet Morris.
Then its Upsa daisy Dov
Now its Upsa daisy Matt
Finding Matt C?
Finding Dov?


ICEVET said...

Jed Ortmeyer's positive impact on the Rampage (7-3-1 I believe since he joined the Team) is not surprising. He is a WINNER!

Anonymous said...

I see you are a Beaudoin fan, artandhockey.

artandhockey said...

@anon Yes, and gave been for several years now and have followed his career as much as possible.

Oldfan said...

I wish both Jed and Matt were still wearing Aeros sweaters. Thanks for some great photos artandhockey!!

artandhockey said...

Oldfan, so do I, so do I. But Jed with Rampage and Matt with Rockford...at least some views when either plays here. Unkess, of course, you, too trek to SA for some games;-) as we do.