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Friday, July 31, 2009

Loving you..

No other reason just....listen to the oldies..Some Roy Orbison... just felt like I want to hear some of the good oldies!\

One of those should fit your mood, too!

The winds of Change....

So, the almost all new management of the AEROS has plans for major changes ... ahem, are assessing them. A first step in the right direction ??? IF you like Bikini Girls, maybe followed by Ice Girls :-) Now, that WILL please most fans, I am sure. Perhaps not the rather large number of female fans, who seem more voracious in their approval or disprovals...
ICEBOYS...a la Ballet Trocadero, maybe... watch, enjoy , decide.... ;) :)
Other Aeros News:
ROBERT DESIMONE NAMED COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER FOR THE HOUSTON AEROS HOUSTON, Texas – The Houston Aeros have announced Robert Desimone as the new Communications Manager of the team. He rejoins the parent company, Minnesota Sports and Entertainment, after spending the 2008-09 season as the Media Relations Apprentice for the Minnesota Wild and Minnesota Swarm. Desimone will handle all day-to-day media relations activities for the team including servicing the media and handling all hockey related media inquiries. He will also manage content on the Aeros’ website, www.aeros.com, issue game and season credentials, and be the liaison between Houston Aeros Charities and the team for any community relations ventures. "We are excited to have Robert join our team after his success in Minnesota with the Wild and Swarm,” said Aeros Vice President of Business Operations Jamie Spencer. “He brings a great knowledge and passion of the sport of hockey which we know will be appreciated by our loyal fans." The Orinda, California native graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2008 with a degree in Electronic Journalism. He worked five seasons with the hockey, football, basketball and volleyball teams at Northern Michigan and was also a five-year member of the golf team where he served as a representative on the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. “I am thrilled to join the Aeros and remain a part of this great organization,” Desimone said. “I look forward to working with the staff, media and fans, while building on the tremendous success established during the team’s 15 years in Houston.” For all media inquiries, contact Robert at (713) 361-7920 or at rdesimone@aeros.com.

  • Instant replays
  • More televised games (especially if away games) but not to the exclusion of radio commentator O'Donnell, he talks so vividly... one can almost SEE the game-if not get the 'ambiente' that usually prevails at the game such as fans' reactions, etc.
  • Music and announcers less strident...I do wish to keep my eardrums intact as long as possible :)
  • Bikini contest is fine, IF a swim trunk contest follows or precedes ;) ;)
  • Give aways that are meaningful
  • Mini/mighty hockey shows
  • Sled hockey shows
  • Videos of past Aeros Teams

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nostalgia a la Vienna Nr. 1

Could this cabaret song, performed in, mostly, English by Austrian Comedian Helmut Qualtinger (deceased now) be adapted for a Favorite Aeros player, who now skates in Germany? The Austrian Bundesbahn (Railroad) does cross over into Germany :-)
If one substitutes Pauly for Baby (or even Matty-alas he is not known to be in Europe).
Try it
Am daily newly amazed what one can discover on You Tube or other sources..
Haven't heard Qualtinger readings or singings in decades. Unless I put on my, by now rather scratchy, old LP or 45s. Especially the 45s with Qualtinger and Bronner on the piano lampooning Austrian and other characters. Such satire, irony, tongue-in-cheek treatment. One song, "Der Papa wird's scho richten"...freely translated: Papa will take care of it (with help of cronies)- actually caused the resignation of an Austrian Politico. It's been my experience that in dictatorship or similar government satire flourishes - underground. It was the case in South Africa in the days of apartheid. Funky, dark cellar bars, where the smoke was so thick you could not see the top of the guy sitting across the table, comedians sang in alliterations and veiled hints.. And no lawsuit in sight in those days...people enjoyed the satires, the surreal, the scurrilous as long NO actual names given.
The David and Goliad... the mighty bowing before the mini ;-)

Orwellian, perhaps?I seem to have read, that '1984' has been deleted from some 'books on the web' site. Really ?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Minnesota Wild ....and more

This is RIOT.....
indictative of the new management plans for Wild and Aeros? Some shots of Cal Clutterbuck there, too..

And more nostalgia: Aeros vs Rivermen.. Game 7 in Semifinals.....SIGH, SIGH...

LATEST: Phoenix Coyotes up date, NHL unanimously approved bid by Jerry Reinsdorf (owns Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls) and rejected Canadian Balsillie proposal.. for the time being the YOTES will stay in Arizona.

Fave Movie theme, Words added

Have to find it......I hope this is IT, oh yes, YES...I just love this theme!
One of the best bl/wh movies of all times...as far as I am concerned.
Keep listening it is soooo plain, but so difficult to forget.
Now that I have your attention ;)

More additions to the Word Verification Dictionary..

"strippe"... reminds me of JR's postings of photos of Heidi Klum and ilk
"chipsin"... when informed of a ice skate fund raiser
"gropes"... posting about goalie resigned by wild

If you like the dictionary to continue and/or add to it... by all means have at it :-)

No words required


Word Verification Dictionary..Nr.1

Some funny-coincidal (?) words popping up:
rashe (comment censoring)
kings(Aeros GM interview)
econosch ( Players signing in Europe)
for it ( Mitch Love)
fierce (complaints by fans)
raracold (Canadian NHL signings)
unhingled (Thunder Bay Rampage)
uproarh (Meins)
unceasely (more Meins)

Keep checking, more will be added as they crop up and seem to be just too apropriate.....

No, NOT the ROSETTA STONE of word verifications- hieroglyphs found in New Mexico.
Suggested interpretations :-), :-)
circles = puck ? ;-)
Bird = an AHL team ? ;-)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Peoria gains Love.....looses Filewich and Regnier to Mozart's hometown

Yep, two Canadians will skate for Salzburg next season. Maybe even to Mozart's music.... :-) which would be a lot easier on ears of the fans there...

And I can't blame them...this probably IS the most beautiful city in Austria. So much variety of things to enjoy.........friendly people, great chocolates, the famous Mozart Kugeln. The equally world renowned Salzburger Nockerl, a frou-frou of light dessert with vanilla sauce, perhaps.
Good food, coffee and cake for elevenses or at three in the afternoon while one engages in people watching, beer and wine, music, arts, theater, hiking, skiing, bathing during the summer in the Salzkammergut lakes. And so many other Austrian places just a few hours away by car or better yet, trains which travel through stunning scenery to be enjoyed from the comfort of first class carriage, perhaps. Or a quick hop north into Germany (Bavaria), south over the Brenner Pass into Italia. And the enchantment of Christmas - the traditional Christkindl Market in the square..

No good deed goes unpunished...UPDATED per request from Anon

Here's what the other cat did not look like... :-0

Spent last evening with a friend ruminating about the good old days, cheering her out of the summer blahs and other bad feelings.
The recent, and still ongoing, heat is bringing out some weird selections of DVDs.
Revisiting the classics.

Loving the British Humour ones...in black and white from the (g)olden days of yore.

Why are "The Bridge over the River Kwai", "Lawrence of Arabia", and other 'war' movies so entrancing right now? Hey, I am a pacifist at heart, no really, I am.
The actors in them?
Fascinating portrayal by

as he almost becomes the Colonel (Boogie).


And those oh, so blue eyes of Peter O'Toole under the shock of blond? Who could resisted that?

O'Toole as Lawrence, in the dessert! http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi966984473/
Omar Sharif probably does the same thing to those who like dark and mysterious.

And then there was LA STRADA...starkly black and white, no Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie in sight, but the expressive faces of Giulietta Massina, clownish as hers may have been, and Anthony Quinn, as the quintessential tough guy! And that plaintive little song....still with me.

Alas, can't sing ...no truly, you would not want to be in the same house, don't even mention room, with me if I start singing.. Well, M. and I hummed it anyway, she was MUCH better at it, having lubricated out throats sufficiently before hand. And ONLY one of her cats hid under the bed. And, no she did not quite look like this(see above).
Jericho, the old 'GentleCat' kindly curled up on my lap as if to say: Girl, you are nice to cuddle up on, don't worry that you can't sing squat!
Sweet, plump, comforting cat! Or maybe he was just tired ;)
And this morning the doorbell rang...and a bugeyed me fumbled out of bed, way too early......that's what I got for cheering up a friend the night before....

Monday, July 27, 2009


I know why I blog?!
It all started with THE Diary I got as a Christmas present 'mumble' years ago, almost as soon as I could print capitals....it was a tiny book with a key - all those secret thoughts under lock and key ! Writing all in capitals, it filled up too soon. And more diaries/notebooks came.
Sometime later, say during early 'highschool', I became an author! Yep, wrote prettily about flowers my father photographed. Some of those early 'works' did get printed in "Dr. Eipeldauer's", a reference book for Gardeners.
I remember climbing the alps, not because I really wanted to, but my Dad did, in search of an elusive flower: "Schachbrettblume" - an flower looking like a chessboard with dark and light squares. Naturally, it could be found only in the marshy areas of Austrian mountains of Carinthia, at a certain month in the year.
And in the Himalayas, or so I was told.. and the Himalayas were not in the family's vacation budget. Checking with Wikipedia I find it is called Fritillaria meleagris, and is POISONOUS, all parts of it, especially the bulbs. It is used in medicine (maybe that is one of the reasons I went on to study Medical technology ....not really) and some plant it in gardens.
Being a naturally curious kid, starting at age 10, I spent my whole allowance on stamps.. not to collect, but to correspond with a number of equally curious PENPALS the world over.

Most were Japanese, but there were Swedes, Dutch, a kid from Aden and one from Nigeria, and a couple Germans (my favorite was a freighter first officer-he sent the most interesting postcards from around the globe). There was an American girl, Peggy, later her brother Lowell, who was stationed in Kaiserslautern and eventually met up with me in Munich and came to Vienna to stay at our apartment for a few additional days. And several Canadian boys, too. Heady stuff for a 16 year old!
But the Japanese penpals get the blame! Sending dolls as gifts - those started a collection of dolls in folkloric costume which takes up (and still does) a huge cabinet. And are still being added to when I travel, or friends travel. Ranging in size from 2 inches high to several over 2 feet. And, yes, someone did 'gift' me a couple of some like those hula dolls! Kitsch is in the eye of the beholder! For me, it is the thought that counts...someone had a great vacation but STILL thought about bringing home a gift for a friend, and that I cherish, really do!

So, to paraphrase: Cogito ergo sum... I blog, therefore I am!
A blogger is quite simply the modern world equivalent of an essayist, a diarist and/or profuse letter writer :-) :-)...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Solar Eclipse fall out in Houston?

Well, I don't know about all the hoopla about the terrible things that are supposed follow a solar eclipse...methinks, we are too well educated for that. BUT... on the other hand.. several rather nasty incidents have happened in the hours following the eclipse.
To the Hockey God "Let not things continue in this vein".

A terrible Saturday following an even more terrible Friday full of BAAAAD news in the Aeros realm. It could drive one to this......................................
"Bartender, just line'em up....
Y'all have a wonderful Sunday.....
go broil in the sun, build sandcastles, let it all hang out.......

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fires everywhere-allegorically speaking

In Spain, the rain did not fall on the plain - wildfires are rampaging, forcing vacationers out of seaside hotels. Fires also rampant in Italy, Greece and France. While Norrthern Europe is experiencing terrible rains and wind (Poland) and hailstorms in Switzerland.....frightening many and even killing some people.
In Indonesia, South Africa, and seemingly around the globe, people are rebelling, protesting, ranting against established governments and taking to streets.
Among the Aeros Fans there, too, is much unrest,
favorite players are not resigned,
favorite staff is axed... and so it goes.
Ran across this photo (forget where) it 'kinda' expresses my opinion of 'new' management at some hockey and other organizations.... just kidding, or am I?
If you get the allusion or not, let me know :-)...
Am I reminded of the prophesies of Michel de Nostradamus, not sure. They, of course can be interpreted subjectively to fit almost any occurences of the past and today, but of the future?


Thursday, July 23, 2009

There are NO kangaroos in Austria....

Spurious "facts" need to be corrected!
Austria is NOT Australia (No kangaroos).

Edelweiss is NOT the Austrian anthem (as in Sound of Music).It IS a protected species. People have made jewellry with the flower since it is velvety and easily enclosed in glass without loosing its shape or hues.

Bruno is NOT an Austrian, nor is the actor who plays him, he actually IS the British Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, also appeared as 'Borag'

A Dirndl is

a) the folkloric costume widely worn in Austrian and some German regions, differing from region to region. Having blouse and apron, the Dirndl can be worn daily, just change the workday apron and blouse to a festive one (i.e. lacy or brocaded materials)

b) an Austrian dialect word for woman/girl !

This Dirndl on the left wears an Ammertal Dirndl, in a modernized version.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was not exactly as portrayed in the movie. His letters WERE frank and he DID use scatological expressions which WERE widely in use in those times. He WAS a musical genius who did die much too early. He WAS not poisoned by Salieri as the saying goes. For his times, he and his family traveled widely, mostly by horse drawn carriages, river boats and seagoing ships (to England).


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Author, Author...

Just finished a bio by Elmer Kelton, author of Western Novels, undoubtedly inspired by our visit to Amon Carter Museum and its Russells and Remingtons:"Sandhills Boy". Plus, he married an Austrian!

Now is that coincidence or what?
Although, I was barely born when they met after WW II, and my better half isn't a Texan!

Anyway, I did enjoy this bio, written with dry humor and some self depreciation. Now, I shall have to read more of his novels, which seem to be somewhat based on historical events (with poetic license, of course). Good Bye Twitter... books are beckoning.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Being away...

While away things are hopping on the Aeros front, Locke, Rosa, Olvecky and Kolanos are moving on to "greener" pastures, Stoner, Earl, Irmen and Pouliot staying with the Wild. Unknown fate at this time: Matt Beaudoin and Schaefer. Looks like a new media team will be taking over in the front office and new faces will show on the coaches side as well.

3 days away was relaxing.
The Ft. Worth Modern Art Museum is a favorite spot, not only looking at art which always surprises, but also offereing a lovely spot for lunch 'lakeside' refreshing on a hot day (107 degrees said the car thermometer!). A quick spin through the Amon Carter Museum of American Art with its Remingtons and Russells, showcased Afro American Art on Paper as a special exhibit.

Naturally,. the Cowboy hall of Fame is a MUST see, while waiting for a (;-) cattledrive reenactment. I had not realized how wide a span there really IS between the horns of Longhorns (up to 5-6 feet-yeah, feet!!). And then visiting the Stockyard Museum and seeing an aerial view of the Stockyards of yore with hundreds on cattlepens.... I can just imagine the bellowing, roaring, mooing going on 24/7 and the "aroma" ... sure glad we did not live there then!

And a quick visit to La Buena Vida Winery with Texas grown whites Viognier and Pinot Blanc -highly recommended.

And then it rained... the windows in our hotel room must not have been sealed well, because there was moaning and whistling all throughtout the duration of the storm, with rain pelting against the window and lightening flashing across the dark sky - but the morning temperatures went down to 74! Bliss.

And it kept sprinkling all the way to Palestine, where boarded the old train for a 1 1/2 hour each way run through thickets and marshes. Lianas, thick enough to make one expect Tarzan and his apes swinging between the tall trees, hanging down profusely . Deadfall trees, overgrown brush and what seemed to be Kudzu covering most, and sucking out the trees sap.... On the marshes cattails fought for ground with encroaching lilypads.. Alas, no froggy prince in sight. A few deer skipped among the straight into stratosphere reaching pines, and an occasional glimpse was had toward 'cultivated' grounds where Angus, Brangus and Brahmas grazed peacefully on the green. The rocking motion lulled us to sleep on the return ride from Rusk.
Then it was back to Houston where emails waited to be read, among them the video below of friend Jacques Francois Loiseleur de Longchamps, a bariton in recital.
Jacques, several years ago, appeared as the witch in 'Dido and Aeneas' presented by Opera Atelier of Toronto at HGO... he did make a fetching witch after shaving...LOL. Enjoy....

And friend Erwin, formerly an atomic powerplant engineer, now showing great talent as painter sent this to show his oils http://www.rummelart.ca/.
My favorite an oil of Matador Beach in California, below..

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Just a Hockey Mom" in the news- again !

I sort of respect Palin's decision... don't quite understand her reasons.
To put it bluntly she rambled in her resignation speech.
BUT, I would not like it if MY children became the target of scurrilous jokes, either.
So, she wants to make some $, per 'Sage' Johnston's interview... well, why not, everyone else does, too.
Levi Johnston's interview in Chicago, smacks a lot of (to paraphrase the Bard) 'Methinks, the lad doth protest too much" , in other words, 'sour grapes' or 'the Pot calling the kettle black', maybe?
He's, after all, no longer on the 'inside'. He, obviously, wants to cash in on the notoriety of the Palin saga, too.
At his age, IS he a political wise man? I think NOT.
So those 'wise words' by Mr. J.- only a moron would accept them at face value.

On an other matter, was MJ murdered or not?
The family hoping, perhaps, to white wash his addiction to prescribed drugs, wants it so. It was HIS own decision to undergo all those surgeries, undoubtedly most painful. To then take drugs to alleviate that pain and get hooked on them, because it seemed easier.
But murdered, I think not.

Always, blame it on the others! Am so tired of hearing that.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

No More Hockey In OK City...

CHL versus AHL
The Oklahoma City Blazers have shut down operations after 17 seasons.
All players are Free Agents and need to find places in other teams.
The City is in negotiations with AHL and may receive an AHL franchise for 2010/11.
A sign of the times?
No TARP or any stimulus payments applied there.
"EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY: Due to the current economic downturn, the OKC Blazers are regrettably closing their doors effective July 1. Despite attempts to re-organize and streamline the operation, the substantial losses from running the team have led to this business decision. "We have the most loyal fans of any team, anywhere, and we appreciate the unwavering support they have given the team for many years," said Bob Funk Sr. "The Blazers organization has maintained its commitment to the fans for nine years. We've tried everything to make this model work and explored every available option. If there had been any other choice, we would not have made this decision." The OKC Blazers thank everyone for their support during their 17 seasons of play in the Central Hockey League. Sincerely, DeBray Ayala General Manager OKC"
More information click below:
Tyler Fleck, Ex Captain of OKC Blazers grooming fresh crop of icehockey players in video below: Enjoy!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Modern "Battle of Bullrun"...

Multitudes in red kerchiefsthe centuries old tradition of 'The Running of the Bulls' through the town of Pamplona honoring its Patron Saint San Fermin, starts early in the morning on July 7th and continues daily till July 14. The culmination of the fiesta (other than the daily 'continuous party' in town) is "Death in the Afternoon". The corrida, or simply Los Toros, is about the only thing that starts ON TIME in proverbial manana land.
How old is the "Running" ?
The first one officially recorded was in 1591. Of course, then it was just a way to get the fighting bulls (usuallyblack color, although reddish Brown hair exist) , escorted by trained 'cabestros'(in the photo these are the brown and white animals), through the town before it woke to the Plaza de Los Toros in time for the bulls (Toros Bravos) to settle down in quiet quarters, and be inspected by Toreros and their peones de confianza (a sort of personal assistant), as well as veterinarians... to draw the combinations the toreros will face that afternoon.
Usually, the smallest bull will be paired with the biggest, the one with the widest horn spread with one whose horns curve in, etc. Then the numbers are written on slips of paper, rolled up, tossed into a hat, and each Torero or his Representative, in order of seniority, draws a rolled paper. Seniority is not necessarily tied to actual age of the Matador, but tied to when he took his official alternativa -preferably in a majpr Plaza such as Madrid, Sevilla or Plaza de Mexico AND confirmed in Madrid.
The media loves to dwell the dangers of this event and to call for its abolition.
I have always felt, if a person of HIS/HER own volition decides on running with the bulls...he/she must accept that it can be dangerous. A bull, separated from the herd, will be agitated and aggressive. The cobble stones are uneven and may be wet, tripping up a runner. Some runners may simply be too old , not nimble enough, and the excitement could be a factor in him/her being too slow.

Since 1924, only 15 people died while running with the bulls.
Amazingly enough, the media does not pillory the dangers of car racing or other extreme sports. I have not researched how many deaths are caused by those, nor how many people are permanently injured (paralyzed or mentally damaged). But that number is a lot higher than deaths caused by running with the bulls, or fighting the bulls.
Below some pictures of a corrida, starting with the 'running' with the large cape (usually by peones) to check on how a bull reacts, some capote thrills used in the 'quites' drawing the bull away from the picador-done in turn by all matadores, placing of the banderillas by peones, sometimes by matador which pleases the fans, some cape work proof of the matadors dominance and finshed with an 'adorno', and at last the citing the bull for the final act with the muleta, smaller red cloth held in one hand, while sword is ready in the other.

The End

Friday, July 10, 2009


Rummaging around to choose some books for donating, came across a slim volume with fluttering pages, held together by a disintegrating rubber band...

The play by Peter Weiss: "Marat/Sade" or "The Assassination of Jean Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of St. Charenton under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade". A mouthful of a title.
I have seen the movie version--well done, but not truly mesmerising.
I have seen 2 Theater versions: a college production- insipid, definitely not mesmerizing!
BUT then a few months later.
At the Loretto Theater/ Webster University with a cast of, 'half and half', professionally experienced actors and talented acting students. Set in stark black and white, with some grey, brilliantly, almost glaringly lit, perfectly played on a 'theater in a round' stage, that reached into the audience. The sense, the audience in the house and the one on stage is US, was simply overpowering. That was 21 years ago, and I still can see it. Such IS the power of a great play put on and acted out perfectly!

So, I reread it for the nth time (the reason for those loose pages).

Again I was struck by its deeply disturbing satire on human conditions.
The Inmates (St. Charenton is / was an Insane Asylum in France) appear saner than the audience in this play. And even saner than some of the living in our time! Reading the play the first time, even then I felt the author Peter Weiss meant this as an indictment of humanity's insensitivity to horrors.

It simply cries out to become an opera, having all necessary ingredients for a successful one:
sadistic Director (;-), Revolution, Murder, Lust, Revenge, Madness, Horrors, plenty occasions for dramatic arias, crazed 'actors', and lastly, an on-stage 'audience' so satiated with normalcy, their greed for anything to titillate, however scurrilous, becomes all pervasive! And in the end the 'inmate' actors and 'normal' audience are no longer distinguishable - who IS sane and who IS NOT! It ought to be an opera.....

I am thinking Corrigliani as composer or perhaps Golijov. Definitely NOT Glass. Maybe Hegie could do it, but his music seems not be quite dramatic enough.
Where is a Mascagni, a Verdi, a Stravinsky, or a Mussorgsky?

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I am seriously 'Eyeing a divorce' from Twitter! Just how to do it?
After a while, I have come to the conclusion that Twitter takes too much of my time, which I rather spend on reading and listening to good music.
A comment on Twitter just seems to me like a sound bite, except it is 'word bite '... fitting for readers with short attention span.
Want to tell me something -there IS the phone - with an immediate answer. Is it less pressing - there is email with an answer a few hours delayed.
Recently I have been informed that xyz and zyx and so on, are following me on Twitter ... checking out the "unknown followers" I find they are wishing to sell something.
I don't want such 'friends' anywhere, cyber space or on earth ;)
Real friends always know HOW to get in touch and most welcome....call me, email me, write me (a dieing art?). My mobile phone is for true emergencies... car dies and a tow is needed, stuck in traffic and need to postpone a meeting, checking on flight arrivals when picking up friends at the airports.....
BTW, the EYE is from the Tosca Production on the floating stage on Bodensee, Bregenz, Austria. And that's almost how I feel being followed on Twitter ....

Calling for Jackson Fans to donate ...

Well, sure, everyone of those "fans" will be chomping at the bit to donate their money.......
I say, let them put their money where their mouth is (was), including all those celebs and politcal figures who showed up to be VISIBLE. After all those police and firemen need to be paid their overtime and California is broke.

Fans ...

Not those fans, you may be thinking of.
But ceiling, floor and other fans.
The 'powers' that are are admonishing The People to conserve energy between 3 and 7 in the afternoon.
So here I am doing all that requires electricity, laundry, ironing, percolating coffee, and of course, blogging in the early hours of the day. Between 3-7 I will take a Siesta, and no, I will not tilt my wagon wheel sombrero over my eyes, even if I owned one. The fans will whirr away, swirling warm, hot, humid air and I will (pretend to) feel cooler!
How many out there will do it?
Going Green is not so easy, especially since there are no windmills in my backyard, nor water dammed up.
Speaking of water, that little rain we had a days or so ago...a drop on a hot ground, so to speak.
So LET US conserve electricity, water, take many siestas.. OLE, we are Southerners after all!
Stay cool. And for a little different kind of TAPS, enjoy the show, conducted by Andre Rieu:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anyone want more hockey ?

Hockey fans who do not get enough by attending Aeros Games, can go to the CHL teams games. Texas has a slew of teams, seven all told.
Alas, none an all girl team.
Hockey Beauties from the early 1900s -

This season, the league will sport a slightly different conference alignment than in year's past.
The Central Hockey League (CHL) announced today that the league’s Board of Governors’ has approved the conference alignment and playoff format for the 2009-10 season.
The league’s 15 teams will be divided into two conferences (no divisions) with an eight team Southern Conference and a seven team Northern Conference.
The conference alignment will be as follows:
Northern Conference (7)
Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs
Colorado Eagles
Mississippi RiverKings
Missouri Mavericks
Rapid City Rush
Tulsa Oilers
Wichita Thunder
Southern Conference (8)
Allen Americans
Amarillo Gorillas
Arizona Sundogs
Corpus Christi IceRays
Laredo Bucks
Odessa Jackalopes
Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees
Texas Brahmas
Additionally, the CHL’s Board of Governors’ voted to keep the same playoff format that the league has had for each of the last two seasons with 10 teams qualifying for post-season play (the top five teams from each conference).

So you think Opera Singers are Sissies....

well, think again...
Mezzo Joyce DiDonato proves that "the show must go on"... on crutches and will sing further performances in a wheelchair. See the article in the papers and on her blog http://www.yankeediva.blogspot.dom/



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Aeros schedule per Andrew Ferraro

Portable backyard hockey rink!

Hey, Toronto... you just might see us up there...see post below .Since I could not have said any better here is Mr. Ferraro's post from The Third Intermission!
The AHL gave the team's PR reps a nugget to release for themselves today.
Scott Henninger with the Aeros says the team's schedule grid is as follows.
Per Aeros.com:
The 2009-10 regular season will begin on Oct. 2. The Aeros complete schedule will be announced later this summer.
Houston is slated to host 28 games within the West Division, 11 against the North Division and one versus the East Division.

The Aeros opponents and number of home games are as follows (Houston plays each team an equal number of times on the road):

West Division
Texas Stars – six games
San Antonio Rampage – six games
Chicago Wolves – four games
Milwaukee Admirals – four games
Peoria Rivermen – four games
Rockford IceHogs – four games
North Division
Grand Rapids Griffins – three games
Abbotsford Heat – two games
Lake Erie Monsters – two games
Manitoba Moose – two games
Hamilton Bulldogs – one game
Toronto Marlies – one game
East Division
Syracuse Crunch – one game
While I am glad the Aeros still get to play the Crunch one time here and one time there, it kind of doesn't make sense now. It would be much more cost-effective to throw in another two games against Lake Erie.
Also, could this be the year? Who wants to throw some play money around
The Toronto Marlies and Hamilton Bulldogs are just 63.2 kilometers apart, easily the closest pair of opponents to each other on the Aeros schedule grid.
But guess what, kids?
The Aeros have never played Toronto and then Hamilton on the same road trip. Ever.
Instead the Aeros usually play two games in Manitoba and then fly to Toronto to complete the trip.
Or they will play a road game in Chicago, a home game at Toyota Center and then FLY to Toronto for the three in three (OK, so that never happened, but you know what I mean ... )
They will then play the Bulldogs when they do the tour of New York (Syracuse, Rochester).Is this the year the league will do what makes sense?
Should be Lake Erie, Rochester, Syracuse on one trip and then Toronto and Hamilton on another.
And to be really sensible, they should throw together the Manitoba/Abbotsford in a pair.
Obviously, I am being silly, but these are just some of the things to look for in advance of the schedule's release in early August.
That says it all. For more details go to http://thethirdintermission.blogspot.com//

Did you watch that...

Just ran across comments on the new immigration bill. Must have slept through it when it was broadcast on CNN. Rather though provoking I call it... watch and decide for yourself.

R A I N - precious rain

Singing in the rain, dancing in the rain......
Houston, we have RAIN.
Let it rain, let it rain.
Excited about the rain am 'singing' "Raindrops keep falling on my head..." to myself, of course. Even with being happy abouit the rain I doubt anyone would want to hear ME sing-better to hear

Joyce DiDonato or Renee Fleming at a Met Gala
Natalie Dessay or Juan Diego Florez-pictured in The Met's Donizetti's"La Fille Du Regiment"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Coincidence or not ?

Over the weekend we watched (again) "Miracle"- to cool off ;).

And today the Wild announced:
Mike Ramsey - 48 (yes, of THAT team) will serve again as assistant coach (his 10th season). To any Wild fan Ramsey's achievements are well know, so I will not repeat them here.

GM Chuck Fletcher also named Dave Barr (Toronto native -48) as assistant coach.
Barr, in 13 seasons, skated with the Boston Bruins, New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Hartford Whalers, Detroit Red Wings, Jersey Devils and Dallas Stars. His coaching career took him to Orlando Solar Bears, Houston Aeros(IHL Turner Cup), Aeros as GM(01-03) Calder Cup, Guelph Storm ( 4 seasons 04-08as GM and Head Coach) winning The Leyden Trophy as OHL's Coach of the Year 2005-06, Colorado Avalanche (last season as assistant coach).

Finding yourself in Austin during the summer? Check out Austin Lyric Opera's summer programs.

Mark your calendar for the remainder of the series at Cannoli Joe's from 6-7pm: Cannoli Joe's (512-892-4444) is located at 4715 Hwy. 290 West in south Austin, near the Berger Center www.cannolijoes.com.

  • July 8 will be an evening of German songs performed by tenor Holton Johnson with selections from Hansel and Gretel
  • July 9 Mezzo-soprano Liz Cass will perform selections from The Star and other French songs,
  • August 20 will be Armstrong Community Music School Family Music Night

___________________________________________________________________________________ Tuesday, July 14, 2009 from 10:30-11am for Austin Lyric Opera Interludes at Barnes & Noble in The Hill Country Galleria at Bee Caves Road and Highway 71. This month's featured artist is violinist Julia Cory.

Stay Cool.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wild News...

According to Hockey wilderness Blog:
Fletcher signed Shane Hnidy to a one year $ 750,000. contract.

As noted by Wild Road Tripper : apparently Kurtis Foster and others did not get a contract, freeing up funds. and "that Camp takes place next week culminating with a scrimmage game next Sunday, 12:30 PM, at Xcel Energy Center; scrimmage -only- open to the public; Gate 1 opens at 12 noon) as the coaching staff gets its' first good look at the 'fresh meat' drafted players (in most cases) which will, in part, re-stock the Houston Aeros (after a number of Aeros' players with Wild contracts were either not renewed or not tendered qualifying offers)". More to come soon.

Wish I were ...

...where it is cooler, where I can hear opera, where I can go to the corrida, in short anywhere but hot and muggy Houston. The Artic, Antartic before the icecaps melt?

Dreaming of the old Opera House in Central City, CO
where they present operas during the summer, where it is cooler due to altitude.

And casinos abound nearby for gamesters. And the drive is spectacular.. and a bit scary...steep slopes, crumbling rocks, gurgling brooks which may rise when it rains/or from snowmelt. But beautiful scenery.

Dreaming of Plaza Mexico, to see once more a Rejoneador in baroque costume

putting his trained horses through their paces ....

or any Plaza in Spain where Cayetano Ordonez performs.. not that Spain right now is much cooler, except perhaps at night in Madrid

To dream is to enjoy what may be..... To dream is to journey into fantasy lands without breaking the bank....To dream is to hear, to see, to feel, to smell, to taste joy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Big smile ...

And no wonder..
Rick Nash at 25 signed contract with Blue Jackets at 64.2 million through 2018.

What does he dream about now?

Friday, July 3, 2009

And the heat goes on..

relentlessly, continiously, enervatingly...

Don't want to go to any parades, not in this heat. Even if it rains on 'my' parade, I am still not going. To vacation "IN" with a good book or two, some soothing classical music, a glass of the 'bubbly', sounds rather attractive.

Corey Locke, seen here in Aeros Jersey Nr. 84, will NOT return. He was signed by the N.Y. Rangers.
Of Beaudoin, Kolanos, Schultz, theother scorers of 2008/09 Aeros. not much is known at this time.