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Monday, April 30, 2012

A words

Last night thousands of A words just kept crawling and creeping, caterwauling and crashing,  around my brain with intermittent intensity.
A...as in
Aeros (lol), Auftakt, Aversion, Anfang, Accustaion, Awareness, Ambassy, Art, Artisan, Amigos, Amis, Afghanistan, Argentina,( you don't have to cry..lol), Appendix, Amusant, Ambiente,
Allegory, Abominable, Alegria, Allusion, Assignment, Alienation, Absolution, Ambulance, Abbatoir, Abash, Abbolish, Allegiance, Allocation, America, Amtrak, Ambrosia, Allowance, Affluence, Asteroid, Arse (as they say in the UK), Arrogance, Availabilty, Affection, Absence, Abode, Aborigine, Abhorrend, Abnormal, Anschlag, Absatz, Ansatz, Anzug, Aufgabe, AuRevoir, Amore, Amour, Abscheu, Anspielung, Amsterdam, Abbotsford, Arsch (auf gut Deutsch), Ass, that too - and, and, and..

Au secours, zu Hilfe, SOS
Why this nightmare filled with A and A and A and A... I have no clue.
They just popped up, those A words. And still reverberate and it is hours later.

Just like that ghostly song that I cannot get out of my head..
yes, that  one from La Strada on which I have blogged many a time. Lest you all forget...

So what next will occupy (not Wallstreet) but my mind?
I've had goats on my mind before, now it's As.
Next ?????
Just you wait!
It will come out of the blue, as these things usually do.
Somewhere I  hear a word or see something
and bingo....
 a knightmare - WEEELLL.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Delayed reaction to the death of favorite author of my childhood

What with all the hoopla over Aeros Hockey, and HGO operas I totally lost tract of the anniversary of the demise of my childhood's hero writer KARL MAY (1842-30.Marz 1912). Yes, the prolific "Penner" (not to be confused with Aeros Jeff Penner absent for many games due to injuries as reported) of adventure novels for children of a certain age (lol) which - in my case - did include girls (double lol).
His life reads like a novel itself. Being a child of very poor parents, he went to work early (child labor laws not yet in place in Germany). Nonetheless he did finish school and gained entry to a teacher's academy. After fruitless search for employment he turned swindler and cheat. That career brought him time, off and on, in jail (1865-74) .
Amazingly, after that he found work as journalist and Editor. In 1880 his path to fame begins as author of Travel novels which he proclaims fraudulently (guess once a fraud always a fraud - tee hee) as personal experiences without having actually done so. Having become wealthy through his books, he finally does travel extensively during 1899-1900 with less than exceptional success.
Now he starts to write philosophical novels which gain him little success. He continues to fight at court against accusations of being a swindler.
Finally on 30. March 1912 he dies at his estate Shatterhand in Radebeul.
Naming his estate after the hero of many a novel shows  his ego and claim to fame.
A fame built on fraud fueled by a superlative imagination. May read and (perhaps copied), looked up geography, and used that found knowledge as the base for all his novels, set anywhere but Europe. His Hero Old Shatterhand with his side kick Winnetou, an Apache hero who appears as embodiment of the nobel red savage.

His Kara Ben Nemsi - a proponent of German technological superiority and his, too, amiable sidekick Hadji Halef Omar lives through events in which we, perhaps, already may recognize seeds of the Islamic extremism of nowadays!

But May's enormous outpouring of inventive imagery garners him entry to noble houses and  recognition as speaker of the hour leads to a lecture "Empor ins Reich der Edelmenschen" on March 22 in Vienna which, it is said, was attended by the unemployed Hitler who may have been inspired by it to create HIS interpretation of the German Superman, but who surely missed May's appeal for peace and enlightenment. Which must have been the reason that Noble Price recipient Bertha von Suttner was also present at that lecture.

May may have been a fraud. But a charismatic fraud for sure.
Writing novels about a foreign world as if he had been there without actually having been there, is an achievement few have done. Parodied and copied even in his own lifetime and more recently, such as in the 2001 film 'Der Schuh de Manitou' by Michael Herbig,  a parody on the Karl May Films of the 1960s and spoofs extensively the characters and motives of May's Winnetou trilogy. And made into a musical as well.

It was precisely that facility of a born wordsmith that inspired the voracious reading of his novels.
By adults as well not only kids with an abundance of imagination.
And the huge success of a series of films in the 60's. (see clips above)
And let us not forget admirers such as Winifred Wagner and Hitler, who read May for inspiration and solace.

Now I must admit, I did gobble them all down with great relish as an 11 year old without questioning a single word or the intent behind it. All the 'Noble Savage Winnetou', the 'German Tourist in the Sand of Araby' (lol) and the single pirate novel "An der Tiger Bruecke"- playing out in Sumatra's Padang- all were read fervently and all fueled my wish for adventures in foreign lands. Which lead  to my emigrating to the USA (Land of Winnetou ;-0), travels to Oklahoma (Trail of Tears etc,) and New Mexico (Pueblo cultures) and perhaps, my fascination with the turquoise.
Perhaps - although delighting in and collecting of (in a very small way) silver Indian jewellery and dolls needs no excuse. Right!

Some time ago on a trip over there I found and bought a couple paperbacks representative of the Winnetou as well as the Kara Ben Nemsi series and - to some small horror - found them somewhat indigestible. Could it be that I haven't read much in German lately?  And that those convoluted sentences so inherent to the German language have become out of favor with me after being so used to simple English prose?

However, I still think the novels worth reading as truly vivid samples of a fertile gone-wild imagination!  Or viewing on DVD...LOL.  HAVE FUN!

BTW the scenes in Winnetou films were actually shot in Croatia, NOT the USA.. and that seems to me so appropriate for May, the inveterate dissembler ....lol!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Killing Fields of Hockey

Sure feels that way.
What these teams do to gain the upper hand in the race for the Cup(s) borders on "mission impossible"!
Or so it looks. Give or take dirty tricks.
Yes, those so lately in the news.

Hockey is never boring, right? If you accept dirty tricks or not.
From all I've heard and read the NEW hockey without a designated enforcer, opens up skilled players
to be injured.  Of course, being a player of fame will ensure that the BIG Brother in the NHL takes note and assigns penalties commensurate with the injuries inflicted, or so they think.

The fans do not always agree.
As to the length and severity of penalties given.
Sometimes not even that a penalty is the right thing to do.

Another thing that kinda bothers me.. the 'hate' that some fans spout versus some players.
A 'hate'  that includes but is not limited to aspersions on that player's talent and/or sexual preference.
Why do they have to do this?
Why not just admit that this players is more talented than others.
One player has more brain that brawn.
One player seems (I say SEEMS) less macho.
Or another player more (TOO perhaps?) macho.
 Yes, they are 'public figures' and so exposed but do we really have to be so vindictive to be insulting?

I personally could care less as long as player show talent and have a proven record.
Let them be whatever they want after hours!
Of course, anyone who goes public via Twitter etc. IS inviting comments which he may not want to hear or read.
That's his choice and he should be aware of the consequences.
And that's all for today's issue... LOL.
A little Mozart to send you on your way

Ecstasy, Agony and - Relief!

After the agonizing last games I have to admit I feel relief.
Relief that the nailbiting is over for fans.
Relief for the player that they can finally hang up their skates.
Relief that the injured players will be able to heal 100% and- perhaps- get a fresh start here or Elsewhere, for that matter.
Kinda like one feels relief that the long drawn out agony of suffering is over!
I have posted often in the past, that the absence of certain keyplayers sucked into the vortex up North was a true negative.
On top of that the -  IMO - very untimely trading of Casey Wellman for an admittedly somewhat active player up North, BUT NOT here, made a big dent in the scoring phalanx of the Aeros.
diSalvatore, Fredheim and Brodeur

Yes, Di Salvatore skated like a man possessed many times, seemed single handedly dragging his team forward.
Victory at home

Yes, the addition of the hotties Bulmer and Palmieri in tandem with Almond worked out rather well towards the - alas - bitter end.
From the good old days: shorthanded goal by Almond
Yes, injuries and call ups hampered the flow of smooth teamwork.
And let us NOT forget the less than stellar officiating which plagued the AHL all season long, either too little control, or too much ego among the zebras on ice!
And the list could go on.

Now it is time to relax, regroup, brush up, rekindle the flame, wait,
AND HOPE, for the next season of Aeros Hockey! 
Maybe this unfinished business will see a resolve then!
We can only hope!
Go Aeros!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Biting myTongue?

Goaler Bulmer, the Hero of Game 3 - 2012!
Palmieri Nr. 44 (assist 2)
Brodeur - Shut out Winner Game 3- 2012
After the truly surprising win 1-0 (shut out for Brodeur) at Oklahoma City Barons' home ice, with a measly 2900 plus fans in the house -
with THE goal by the
HOT LINE (:-) of Bulmer, Almond, Palmieri -
I may have to eat crow,
bite my tongue
or otherwise backtrack humbly! 
Almond (assist 1 in game 3), and Bulmer in action earlier

So here I am.
Backtracking humbly, that is.

Briefly, I was not present, but heard and read about what went down.
2 PP oppos for Aeros with 0 goal,
7 for OKC with 0.
Brodeur shut out OKC by stopping all 31 sog.
While Danis stopped 20 of 21.

Aeros did a magnificent job in penalty kills of a 5 on 3, and almost immediately after another.
Now they guys face OKC again at their home tomorrow Tuesday and I am otherwise occupied.

Who said Hockey is predictable?
Last year's winners washed out.
In AHL and NHL.
And so the fight continues.
May the team with the biggest luck win this year!
At least we all can watch more Hockey.
BTW lots of ex-Aeros are doing good things elsewhere, alas.
Sightings of Kolanos, Wellman, Pouliot, Khudobin, etc.

BTW should your summer blahs get too strong, there is always table hockey, which seems to be making a huge come back with young, old  players of both sexes.
And there are the 'beer leaguers' playing for fun and beer through the summer everywhere.
One CAN get to watch or play hockey year round, sunshine or not!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

IN the twilight zone of AHL hockey

The AHL Season is, almost, over. And is, in essence,  for our home team, I regret to say.
Miracles just do not happen .

Now we look to the battles between the other teams of the West:
Abbotsford and Milwaukie (Krys Kolanos fans can rejoice he did get 2 goals in game one to lead The Heat to a 6-2 win);
San Antonio over Wolves, a 5-2 win in OT;
Toronto barely wins over Rochester 4-3;
 all in Round 1 Game 1.
A bit early to predict the winners among these teams, yet.

Aeros play 1 more game (if they loose), 2 or 3  more (if they win on Sunday) against the Champs OKC on Sunday on their home turf, ahem ice, and it does not portend well,  that Hackett is injured.
And the way he made his painful way off ice into the locker room last night, looked very bad to us in the arena.
Hackett being ministered to by Jody Greeen 4/20/12

Brodeur has done well, all things considered but can he hold up opposite Yanis and against the high scoring OKC Barons in the next game(s)? Not, methinks.
Between the headache started during the bad thunderstorms and other aches that kind of weather causes, I have truly felt as if  'been through the wringer'.

 The bigger and better guy wins!
The display, rather the horrible slaughter, by the visiting OKC Barons of a diminished but gamely battling Aeros surely did not help. I don't say that there were not a few players who gave their all and perhaps, more than their all; and that the coaches did not try hard to coach, but the ups and downs, the injuries, and sadly, lack of real talent showed; and the streak of bad mojo plus a somewhat less than stellar officiating took their tolls.
2011/12 just wasn't an Aeros nor a Wild year!

The last 2 games I have felt more like praying "Let this be done, this painful dragging out of the inevitable". Never has a 'mercy death', seem more appropriate.
Oh, I know, one ought never to give up hope.
BUT - when it's so painfully evident that the last gasps are imminent, why drag it out even more.
The team suffers, the staff suffers, the fans suffer.
Only the "Schadenfreudige" can enjoy such slow, tortured death of a once promising team!

Remember those days in early season before Calamity Jane aka The Wild happened?
Wellman Goal 1
  @Houston Game in October 2011...Aeros 4 - Wolves 1.. in the days of Ortmeyer and Wellman etc.

Wellman Goal 2

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Aeros do get an honorable goal...

but loose to the overwhelmingly better team of OKC 4-1.

That honor goal came after Better Half and I left in order to take home my blinding headache which had plagued me all afternoon, and teary eyes. And those were not really because of the loosing game, although they could have been.

Goal by Almond and Bulmer. I really like that kid, too bad he wasn't around earlier in the season.
Yes, the guys put out more effort than last night and kept the SOGs at a bit lower number by OKC.

But OKC were just too good, plus smart to avoid some penalty calls, that ought to have been called.  Thanks for the loss to the officials as well as the super play by OKC.

The Aeros, IMO, are done and 'the unfinished business' will have stay just that.

Especially with Hackett injured for sure, tonight!
Even if he claimed last night's 'injury' wasn't one as many who saw it felt it was.

Because I truly cannot see that they can win the next 2 games in OK to come out the winner in this 3 of 5 games first round.
If you, chers readers believe that... then you must an in UPSTAIRS!
Maybe next season with fresh blood and (a word in hockey god's ear) fewer injures all around.
Plus some much needed talent. Both up there AND here.

A few photos to remember the team effort at the TC:

At the start Hackett adjusted skate?

Hacket in obvious pain

Cuma in protective mode before Brodeur

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where have all the Aeros of the last games gone?

It is with regret that I write this.
But in the First Round of Calder Cup Play Off vs the Nr. 1 seeded Oklahoma City Barons at Houston a loss of 0-5 was recorded.
I am sure that OKC goalie Danis was a bit bored with the just 14 SOG a somewhat discombobulated Aeros were able to sport.
I am not sure I liked how the Aeros played.  They just were not there! Rushing around, loosing pucks, yes some played agressively, but to little effect. After all ZERO goals and only this small number of SOGs.
While OKC were all there, stealing passes, attacking fiercely, never letting up. 48 SOGs... that is huge! And so they won the first game of Round One vs Aeros. Tomorrow will be game 2 .. a repeat?
Must we be thankful the Team made it into Round One at all?
Guess so.
A miracle team they do not appear to be.
The third goal in
Upending Arcobelli did not help that last goal in

Some last minute clean up for  Brodeur?
Protecting Brodeur?
On the other hand Hackett did very well stopping 33 of 37.. and the last of these were let in last. And it looked to me he when he was pulled in favor of Brodeur he seemed hurt, perhaps aggravated a previous light injury a week or so earlier. NO INJURY, I hear.
This is not to say he actually was, it just seemed to me so!
Of course I do wish he were not. Just pulled after 4 goals.
Nevertheless for his amazing saves he did was Star 1 of the game.

Brodeur ready to scoop the puck?
Double his jersey Number 20 and you get Helmer's age!

Th new Nr. 17 .. no he is NOT Wellman!

The tension IS palpable!
And seeing Helmer play at 40, Di Salvatore at 30 ought to be looking forward to another decade skating in the AHL, and I, for one, hope for The Aeros :-)! Go SAL!

Maria Stuarda

by Donizetti. A Bel Canto Opera and so it was.
Two unfortunate events made this an interesting rehearsal:
1) Tenor Cutler was indisposed and HGOStudio member Touhy sang from the side while a staff member mimed action on stage.
2) Bass Gradus sang with less than usual fervor in order to conserve HIS voice.

But the result was the same: an incredibly beautifully realized opera, sets, staging, lights, costumes, music, and ABOVE ALL singing as it should be (Bel Canto !!)

Here a clip from 2005:Di Donato as Maria and Cutler as Leicester

BIG LIKE: Joyce Di Donato as a mesmerizing Maria Stuarda, oh, boy, can she sing, can she act, and CAN she keep the audience so enthralled during her pianissimos that nor a rustle, sniffle or any other sound was heard. The orchestra took a break and only she was heard even when she just barely whispered (pianissimo of pianissimos!).

Katie Van Kooten, as Elisabeth I, was imposing and did real justice to her role as the vindictive queen. And yet one could almost, almost, feel sorry for her being so tortured as she appeared to be, too strongly influenced by Cecil (Oren Gradus- who labored mightily overcoming a vocal problem due to?? and so sounding much less imposing than he usually is).

Van Kooten: Photo
OPERA today
Eric Cutler, slated to sing Leicester, was announced to be ill, and so Brendan Touhy of the HGO Studio vocally stood in for him from stage right (audience view) and truly sounded very, yes, very well!
To me, admittedly predisposed to like deep voices, Robert Gleadow as Talbot was just right. Of course that he had a very sympathetic role may have something to do with being liked!
At least by me. I cannot, of course, speak for others.
Opera IS so much a subjective art form, after all.

Since is it BEL CANTO.. the singing must be in the forefront, IMO.
And so it was.

Sets and staging were simply (I am not saying cost effective LOL) and nothing, really detracted from the singers!

A beautifully copied coffered ceiling with movable columns (sets by Neil Patel) seemed just right to me! Stage was frequently empty and stark, but that too, seemed just right! After all the play/opera is stark.  About emotions of love, hate, evil incubus (Cecil?) and so forth. The lightning by Wood/Clark was also simple and stark and effective.
Costumes by Jessica Jahn were period and - that was a real pleasure! (after the other mish mash as posted before. Especially so).
Patrick Summers honed (it was the last rehearsal remember) the HGO orchestra to perfection, while Richard Bado managed the chorus well, especially during the last act to give much pleasure.
It will be a fitting end to a great season at HGO IMO.
As I am neither singer nor musician, my feelings are strictly due to having seen/heard many operas in many houses.

If you did not like it DO feel free to comment!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Spring Cleaning

On very rainy days,  closets just demand to be cleaned out. So I go and try on things, switch things around, match skirts with tops and so forth. Really, my intentions are real good...a radical cleaning out of clothes and shoes, and purses, and scarves, and..
It's just a miracle, since I haven't seen the inside of shops, except for groceries for quite a while. So why is it that the number of items just keep growing?

Now to work as I attempt to sort into 4 categories:
a) bwti..bought while temporarily insane.. to the resale pile?
b) where did this one come from .. to the donation pile?
c) maybe a keeper?  Re-evaluate later.
d) definitely a keeper and immediately back into the closet!

I could, if I wanted, change into a completely different outfit every day, maybe even twice or trice a day.
But ... there are those favorites, that get worn as often as possible and cleaned as often, too. Which makes them faded and ..but oh, so comfortable.

Maybe it is the primeval urge to collect and hoard going way back to humans as hunter gatherers?
 Or maybe, it is the need to feel safe, and what better way to feel safe than in familiar comfortable oldies?

Whatever the reason I am putting most of them back  -  for now.
And like Scarlett: I 'll think about it tomorrow!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Calder Cup Play Off - Round One

yes, indeed.
Aeros will face OKC Barons in Round One. The best team in the division.
Thursday/Friday at TC then the action moves to Oklahoma for 3 games.
Then back to the TC if needed.

Having felt a bit under the weather I did not go to see the MIRACLE in person.
I heard it in the rising crescendo of excitement of The Voice of the Aeros as I tuned in from time to time.

Can we expect the "unfinished business" to be finished now?
Well, perhaps, the miracle will continue.
IF the,  so recently playing like men possessed, players can carry the momentum into and past the next rounds.
Que sera, sera...

Hanging on..

Aeros are hanging on to their 10th place in Western Conference, for now.
With the tight win 5-3 (the 5th goal an empty netter on a  PP) over the Rampage.
Despite the switch of goalies from Markstrom to Grumet Morris by the Rampage.
Despite the (for this game ) improved Aeros PP of 3 out of 4 opportunities.
Despite...the energizing combo of Bulmer and Palmieri.
Yes, as I said before, I like what I see with Brett Bulmer, as I am sure the Wild do as well.
One more game to be won.
And as it is against the Texas Stars I feel pretty confident it will be.
But has to be in regulation. No more OT and SO.
It is just so frustrating that these last game winners come at last moments.
As they started so they ended...
just went a bit absent during the months in between LOL.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Smattering of Crosses

Houston Grand Opera's 5 acter DON CARLOS sung in the long original (1887 ? version) French, boasts crosses. Lots of them.
Black ones, small ones,  big ones!
Red ones, and red ones glowing ominously in the dark.

Stark, dark, ominous and threatening.
Fitting sets to the dark, ominous and strong music Verdi composed for this tragedy in 5 acts set during the deepest gloom in Spanish history- the inquisition after a play by Schiller.
The most glorious voices were assembled as cast.
From Soprano Tamara Wilson's silvery yet big voiced Elisabeth to the deepest male voices.
Yes, the basses were upfront on stage here.
From the veteran Samuel Ramey as the Grand Inquisitor who trumps everyone and everything singing gravelly with power (at age 70 yet); via Oren Gradus, a truly sepulchral spirit of Charles V; and Andrea Silvistrelli as Philippe II, the tortured father and anguished husband of Elisabeth, who was originally slated to be his own son's fiancee, to the lighter voiced Boris Dyakov, as always so elegant, as Count Lerme.

The baritones did not stay far behind.
The dramatically sung and especially acted Marquis Posa of Scott Hendricks was  rather emotional to behold. Mark Diamond's Forester showcased his fresh baritone voice in this cameo role.

But the glory of the show went, without hesitations to the 3 main characters.
Soprano Wilson, a regal and yet very sympathetic Elisabeth, trying to uphold her vows.
Christine Goerke,  as Countess Eboli, embodied unrequited love scorned and turned to vicious hatred with a powerful mezzo. But was equally believable in her solo O don fatale, bemoaning her fatal beauty and atoning for her misdeeds.
And Brandon Jovanovich  as Don Carlos used his amazingly big ringing tenor voice to portray love, desire, desperation, resolution and friendship. And his good looks did not hurt at all. He was undoubtedly easily accepted as the love interest of 2 beautiful and powerful women, plus the inspiration of devotion by his best friend.

In other cameos we heard the fine soprano Brittany Wheeler as celestial voice, soprano Lauren Snouffer in the travesty role of Thibault, page ot Elisabeth, Scott Quinn as King's Herald and Judith Irvington as Countess Aremberg.
The HGO orchestra was led by Maestro Summers with sensitivity, while  Chorus Master Bado, as usual, had the HGO chorus singing uniformly with beauty.

Direction by John Caird who placed singers well on stage easily viewed from most seats in the house, (sitting on side orchestra I can attest to that). The set of crosses in all forms and colors was by Johan Engels, well highlighted by lighting designer Levings. Choreography by Sayers.

And now I come to the crux (truly cross to bear, IMO) of the matter:
 the costuming by Oberle!
A terrible mish mash of traditional, modernized (but from which decades?) customes. costumes.
The chorus women's royal blues in various shades at least were becoming.
Elisabeth's dresses were y demonstrative of her role as innocent princess and later wronged queen.
Eboli's simply did not convey the countess's implied (O don fatale! remember) attraction. Oh my, that insipid pink at first.
Later the deeply decolletage'd black lace (a midi-skirted fifties look?) did give perhaps a slight hint of a night of debauchery with the King!

But the men's.
Deliver me from the men's.
From Don Carlos' first appearance in a semblance of Raiders of the Lost Ark get up, to his later costume reminiscent of Pontevedrian counts, with perhaps a soupcon of Mikado thrown in; to the gangster (not gangsta - thank heavens) look complete with black fedoras of the male court, and finally the black stormtrooper looks of the jailers and guards, IMO caused hysterical rather than sinister impressions and seemed, to me, without rhyme nor reason.

Oh, I should not forget the red "Ku Klux clannishly" (:-) clad inquisition executioners. While the Grand Inquisitor was cardinally (lol) dressed simply in black with purple sash and scull cap.

The production by HGO is worth going to, just to the hear the original opera composed by Verdi for the French in the French language (later it was translated into multiple versions, shortened, and re-shortened LOL into Italian which IMO sounds more suited to Verdian Music). But the singers overall did a magnificent job singing en Francais, in French that was actually understood rather well by those in the audience who have knowledge of that tongue, moi included!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Being afraid.. running (wish I were) scared of

Proud Little Havana Inhabitant- Miami
not the dark, per se.
But lately leg cramps at ankle, calf and shin on the right are waken me much too early for comfort.
Hey, I really could care less to hear roosters crowing at 4 AM or 3 AM...(that is if I were living in Little Havana where they strut freely in the streets ;-). 

And the cramps do hurt! There is screaming! No more just whimpering, lately.
Which is a lot more than annoying, I 'd say.

So, I have become afraid to lie down!
Afraid to stretch while waking or in sleep, which appears the cause for sudden cramps.
Stomping around the house in the dark alleviates the pain, finally.
So, not afraid of the dark, just afraid of the shooting and lasting pan. The ankle feels locked in contorted position, for instance.
Hard to describe but trust me, NOT fun at all.
Although laughing about it helps.
Where is the Bionic Science to replace non functioning body parts.. lol!
Sure could use some of that!

Turkeys in the raw! King Ranch
It seems that they started up right after that infamous hospital stay over Thanksgiving
(more fowl stuff lol, I am afraid)
Rusting on King Ranch
 Whatever the cause it really is debilitating.. aches, sleep deprivation, scary!
And in case you ask: I do eat bananas, I take minerals and vitamins, I do eat lots of greens and fruits and protein, too.  And exercise daily.
WELL, perhaps just getting old and worn like old farm machinery set out to pasture and rust in the Texas sunshine. Like this thing-roto tiller or whatever (at King Ranch) at right:-).

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ads revenge Rivermen :-)!

Ads win! Carry home a 2-1 win over Aeros after a hard battle with no goals in the First, one goal by Mueller (shorthanded) for Ads and Brett Bulmer's first professional goal to bring Aeros even. in the 3. Then an OT with no goal and the Ads get 2 into the net past a visibly tired (most likely sore..lower body) Hackett by Blum and Thang.

Taffe scored an  honorable goal for Aeros. So the Aeros get 1 point in this game.
IMO the Animals ahem Admirals played a tough and rough, aggressive game.

It seemed they had it in for Prosser and Almond, bouncing them into the boards rather frequently with NO penalties called, especially the second and third periods. Trying to embroil them in fisticuffs, perhaps? Maybe they are known in the AHL for hot-headedness? Next to us sat obviously some Admirals lol (people) who took detailed notes and asked about the Nr. 15= Prosser!!)

Or tripping up Aeros, with no penalties called by Wiebe and Koharsky known in the AHL for not using their whistles a lot. It just seemed to me and Better Half that the Ads got away with stuff while either one or both refs back were turned rather conveniently.
But to give the Ads goalie his due, he played well, as did Hackett until he looked like being hit hard, but elected to finish the game into OT and SO.
Maybe that was not smart!
Whatever, the Aeros did gain a point and are tied with 4 other teams.
Di Salvatore was outstanding, he most definitely led by example.
Bulmer, I may have mentioned before, was HOT, unafraid to beard the enemy, skating hard, seemingly always close to the net .. just in case a puck came his way?
Which it indeed did...HE SCORED!
I really think the duo Bulmer and Palmieri work well together.
The third Period was exceptionally exciting, alas, it ended in a loss, but with ONE point gained.
Here a fews photos:
A wild eyed Henderson #15, after Prosser #15

Di Salvatore leading by example

Prone Prosser keeps Thang from scoring

Phew that was close...
Atta Boy, Atte, puck away..

Bulmer Goal - puck in net

Yes, Brett it shows up there-your goal

  Atte catches well, doesn't he?

Puck in or out  - NO goal
Hackett meditating before SO?

Full Moon over TC

and an alien (?) Aeros win at home 4-2 over the Rivermen.
The sweetest goal yet, that shorthanded one by Almond with McMillan and Montgomery.
Shorthanded Goal by Almond
Not that the one by Rau (Taffe, Di Salvatore), DiSalvatore (Bagnall) and the final icing on the cake - so to speak - by McMillan (Fontaine amd and McIntyre) were anything to snort at, really!
Hackett seemed rather back to his old self, quickly stopping 25 of 27 SOG.
Rau Goal
While lanky Jake Allen, after being wakened by the goal Rau snuck around the corner into the net, stopped 42 of 46 and all that in regulation, no less.
And what can one say more about the bombardment of Allen by the.. yes, the Aeros.
Was it the full  moon? Or Almond whispering sweet somethings into Cheechoo's ear?
Was it the influx of the hot new players like Bulmer, Nr. 18?
Was it the injury to Sean Lorenz, another newbie?
What ever it was, it brought the Aeros again in reach of the play offs.
Ref. Geoff Miller called only one penalty and that one on the Aeros' Medvec, which allowed that sweet shorthanded goal!
Hackett getting a quick nail-skate- job:-)
We let Hackett save that one. stay off his turf, guys!

Victory on 4/7/2012.. whoopee!
The Number 18 jersey which Brett Bulmer wore seemed to be a lucky one. And Palmieri (#44) was a fitting side kick for #18, IMO.
Jobke # 21, was not eye catching tonight, IMO, but Almond, McMillan and DiSalvatore, sure were....
just not quite as hot as Bulmer!
Amen and out!