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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A win for One is A Loss for the Other

I have to believe that the B Sens adapted themselves to the 'soft' ice AND the Aeros system.
Plus I do feel that both teams are of equal strength and talent and the desire to bring home the Calder Cup. And it showed tonight in front of record crowd of per AHL 9002 (the 2 sure were Better Half and I ;-)! 

But it sure did seem a much bigger crowd.. at least it was a loud crowd through regulation.
Later in OT some 'fans' left and the whole was quieter.

Maybe that was part of the cause for the B Sens O'Brien to make it at about 7 minutes into OT
While earlier Butler with Daugavins and Locke put B Sens on the scoreboard first with a PP goal.

Almost looks like the triumvirate of Butller, Daugavins and Locke getting ready for another goal?
Whatever the reason both teams had fewer shots on goal than last night...
Guess they are tired as I am and so here a few snaps  (unedited) and videos- ditto,
and so to bed - gotta have my beauty sleep !
You'd better believe that.. their legs must hurt like the dickens, their lungs must be gasping and only adrenalin kept them going that much... two games in a row!
Hackett on full alert
OUR number 7, Casey Wellman of the only Hattrick this season,
scored the only goal helped by Earl and Prosser also on a Power Play!

Lehner was good and quick on his skates and he only a rookie and even a shade younger than Hackett!
Quick reaction by Lehner.
And then there was that phantom goal by Peters with a minute ir so to go in the Second.
At least the refs thought it a phantom while Peters, I am sure, believed it real!

Now it is back to the drawing board by the coaches, back to hone skills by the team and fly up to New York State and 3 games..Wednesday, Friday and Saturday there and IF Needed 2 more down here!
The little warm up routine by former Fave Goalie BB has not changed much. Just the Jersey color has :-)!

Chilly's Shaking and Twisting was not too helpful - Lady Luck was on the side of the B Sens tonight!
And I know that most would not want to even think about the offiials!! LOL!!!
5 and 6 penalties called respectively, each team managed  1 PP goal.

The "Shade"  :-D  of  ONE Aeros Player - maybe even 2!

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