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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What a day..drama everywhere..

First, an absolute powerhouse performance of Mahler's 10.Symphony by HSO under Hans Graf. The audience was so quiet one could have heard  a pin drop. Absolute spellbound by that music. Oh! Oh, my! Words  fail me.. really! I can only stand in awe of what Mahler hath sketched out and Cooke has finished so beautifully. And no, not all music was beautiful, some was threatening, some was to shudder by, and some was so mystically lyrical it brought tears. And No intermission.

So we were able to rush over to Aeros/Bulldogs game and arrived midway through the First. And - I'm happy to report, we saw all three Aeros goals!

But also the two by the Bulldogs, one of which I really think Hackett could not have stopped... it slid literally between his legs into the net. Not even a sharp shot, just a quick reaction and bam, it went through the triangle between the pads.

I am almost speechless by the kind of speed both teams put on during the 2. and 3.
And must give McIntyre credit for stopping as many as he did.
And Hackett did very well indeed, bar those 2 goals.
Both teams seemed to just add another dimension of speed  after a somewhat leisurely (what I did see (lol) of the) First, steadily increasing their shots on goal  to 13 (Aeros) and 14 (Bulldogs).  And scoring in those 2 periods. Of the 4 PP opportunities Aeros converted 2 into goals. Hamilton did nothing during their 2.
I managed to snap some action shots, alas none of the goals.

I did notice the occasional 'blindness of referees' when it came to parcelling out penalties.
For one a really unfair call: Bagnall got a penalty - the offender who started the melee DID not.
On the other hand I saw Earl slashing/hooking and he, too, got away with it! Just saying. 
It was nice to Kassian on ice, just sorry to see Bulmer still out with injuries, and looked like MacMillan got hit a bit hard and was not skating after that. Hopefully he will recover speedily.
I am guessing that - should McMillan stay out - they will play Fredheim from the black ace group? But perhaps it's back to Penner or even Fraser?
That's the scuffle when both should have sat

Ortmeyer gone wild

Hey, guys get that rebound!

Guys, I am gonna get real mad if you keep pushing the net off!

Is that a new move by Hackett?

'The stretch' by McIntyre

Hackett: Just leave me outa this, eh!

On the search for a puck on the rebound?

Lookee here, that one sailed right past the net ...

McIntyre shuts off the net  - no puck shall pass.:-)
A few of the reported 5000 plus in attendance.. sure looked more that that to me!

Who'll get that one?  Hackett keeps eagle eye out.

O'Sullivan rests? While other yell at refs.

The guy in front looks like he says: WHO? ME?

En guard.. a lesson in 'stickfencing', perhaps!

A last effort by Hamilton to score the evener goal - NOT says Hackett !
McIntyre mesmerising the puck?

The Captain says: Shoot!

Found it? Let's get it away!


Anonymous said...

Great shots of some game!

ICEVET said...

Your camera was in the right place, as usual, with some great pictures.

Agree on the officiating.....this was a very BAD night for the AHL crew (both referees and linesmen).

Happy to see Matt Kassian return (although best wishes go out to Bulmer for a quick recovery). there are concerns about Carson MacMillan's injury...this is the guy who has 3 game-winning goals (on the fourth line)...hopefully, he can come back soon.

Go Aeros!!!