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Monday, May 23, 2011

A hint of ecstasy, and the bitter taste of agony.

Yes, that is precisely how it felt.
Bulldogs gobble up Aeros
I was, as I am sure, were many, completely exhausted -
mentally, emotionally and physically after last evening's Round 3 Game 6 !
Not to speak of how the two teams must have felt.

So we drove home- it was a quiet ride.  Neither of us said much.
Except maybe the occasional outburst about the horrible officiating.
One takes one Hebert and the officiating is bad.
But to have to endure TWO Heberts and hell seems a vacation spot!

Being starved, literally and not only for a game winner, we hastily cobbled together a fast meal to get the blood sugar up to more normal levels. But even that did not help the exhaustion. We managed to hang in there to watch the CH 13 news (after all I sat next to Bob Slovak and his camera man during some of the more painful moments, such as Period Three and OT 2).
But, hey guys at CH 13, as an old fan I am entitled to moan and groan and make tongue-in-cheek remarks.
YOU late comers are NOT.
Why did you have to show ONLY the Bulldogs' final goal and celebration?
Why not show how hard the Aeros played.
How many times it looked like a goal, only to have Lady Luck divert the puck off the edge, off the frame, past the net.. not to speak of off MacIntyre and his magic pads, gloves, full body saves, etc.
 (I am giving full credit here to MacIntyre as he made 57 of 61 saves! a huge effort even after he seemed injured - photo below)
And let me tell you Mr. Slovak and company, you sat as much on the edge of your seat, screamed as much, moaned (somewhat discreetly) as much as the rest of us. You did, too!

Well, maybe he did not exactly scream like I did. Which I normally do NOT do!
But, heavens what is a fan to do when he/she sees unfair officiating.. have I told you already how the officiating stunk?
That one, Gillies, did it!

Spurgeon and company

Daoust after a puck

BooHoo The first Bulldogs' Goal

Ortmeyer's Royal wave with glove raised high!

The kid had it right-it was a nailbiter, even Chilly waving flag did not help much.

Let MY Palmer GO!

David - ahem Daoust - among goliads

Almond and Falk's ultimate sacrifice to stop a puck for Hackett

Spurgeon's Baby face is on the alert.

What sweet nothings is HE whispering into Nr. 17's ear?

There IS still hope.. a PP oppo!

Last ditch efforts by Aeros-but the puck went in anyway to seal their fate!
When Gillies sits for slashing - did not!
When McMillan sits for roughing - did not!
When no one calls a tripping or hooking penalty on that Bulldog player who bowled over Hackett? 
Granted, Hackett was way out of  position-actually BEHIND his net -
but a player causing another player to fall, it should be schnurzegal who that player is-skater or goalie!
A trip and fall is a trip and fall!
But no, Jose, neither Hebert called it. Have I mentioned how awful the officiating was, yet?

And what about overlooking that McIntyre's net was askew? While holding a long conference on the other end on, perhaps, how to drop the puck between the two face off guys -:-) (that's a LOL, dear readers)!
It amazes me and others, I am sure, that the AHL cannot find unbiased and observant officials.
When TWO - 2 - of them seemingly were blind, deaf and dumb to the many infractions incurred at that game. That the fans had to yell to tell them about the net off balance!!

I will not repeat here what I overheard in curses by fans, merited (or not - in a few, a very few cases).
It would cause this blog to be flagged for bad language to say the least!

MacIntyre treated by trainer

MacIntyre sprawls in another save
Now, my impressions were that the Aeros valiantly worked hard
but that the Bulldogs were, let's be real here:
a) having the truly better goalie in MacIntyre
b) utilizing their one-one to better advantage
c) having overall the better (maybe better disciplined with more NHL experience) players
d) Lady Luck most definitely was on their side with the "helpers going to the 2 Heberts" :-)!

Earl much in evidence!
IF the Aeros cannot call upon a miracle on Tuesday in Game 7, they might make AHL history!
As the team leading 3-0 with home ice advantage ultimately loosing the competition.
If I am wrong with that impression,  do say so!
And a little apropos.. I did see Morency skate during the warm up, but not Kassian ..
which will not please Kassian Fans. Right?
And Houston hockey in May/June is history.


aerosfan said...

Thanks for the photos and descriptions in your usual ironic fashion. it is better to smile, than cry. We did cry, too!

artandhockey said...

Laughing through tears always IS the better choice than cursing ...