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Monday, May 9, 2011

What to say...update

Aeros outwitted by Admirals in OT. There for a brief moment I thought they done it! Alas, it was not to be.
    And the Moose as well are forcing a game 7.
    So whoever wins this round will be rather tired, methinks.

And at the IIFH:

Sundays results are:

My poor little Austria lost again,
4-1 vs Latvia!
Sweden shut out the Swiss 2-0;
Slovenes get trounced by Belarus 1-7;
and the Czechs win over Russia 3-2

This mornings games:

Slovakia 4-1 vs Denmark;
France looses to Norway 2-5;

Russia vs Finland in progress Finns win in SO 3-2;

and the Swiss vs USA 2-1 also in progress. USA lost 3-5 to the Swiss.

And a Canadian is the youngest hockey player at the World Championship and after playing his first NHL season as the youngest player in the league. Jeff Skinner is a Calder Trophy finalist.
Apart from being young, though, he’s also very talented and a former competitive figure skater as well.

The 18 yr old played Center for the Carolina Hurricanes
His stats for 2010-11:
82 Games,
Had  31 Goals,
  32 Assists
 63 pts, PIM 46 and is +/-3

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