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Saturday, May 21, 2011

To follow the system,

Or not?
Think outside the box?
Or not?

Whatever it is or was, I'm not quite sure where I am going with these thoughts.
Was it that I am sorry I made too much tongue-in-cheek fun of the team last year,
that not much humor in this vein was left over for the team of this year?

Or was that simply a case of too much irrational hockey for months to summon up real hot enthusiasm later?
Or was it too much ado about "wunderkind" players?
Or was it a kind of hockey blahs that crept over me at times?
I truly can't muster much one way or the other ,in praise or blame, for this team anymore.

I do consider each individual player on his own merits.
Consider the coaches' first time efforts to make over a bunch of individuals.
To mould them into part of the 'system'.
Yes, the 'system' seems to work, sometimes.
No, the 'system' does not seem to work other times.
Yes, adjustments and fine-tuning seem to work, sometimes.
No, adjustments and fine-tuning do not seem to work as expected.

Especially when the OTHER Team doesn't take it lying down! And then do their own thing!
Are Aeros seemingly not flexible enough?  Is the 'system' that has been drilled into them holding back individual player's gut reactions to respond in any given situation?

I won't presume to know the answer, not being an hockey expert..
Even so I do know that the best laid plans can indeed go awry.
And what is needed then is a sometime gut reaction to counter unexpected changes.
And the need to think outside of the box or system, as the case may be.
Daoust in action in January

I am  hopeful, that the injection of seasoned gutsy players like J.M. Daoust
who have meshed well with certain others on  the line,
will bring some of that ice-sense back to the play in the next game or two.

GO Aeros in 6 or 7!
But  GO!

When/IF that happens I and several others (I know) will be torn.
Shall our loyalty be 100%. to OUR Team?
Or will we root as well for certain most favorite players from the past :-)!
I will applaud just  as much
IF/When the team moves up into the final round, despite what I just posted -
ha, I do enjoy a success story just as much as anyone!

Anyway, it is just a game, right?
Hmm, you tell me!

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