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Thursday, June 30, 2011

SO NOW WE DO KNOW w. update on other Aeros

That Darryl Sydor (Left) has followed Yeo into the North to be assistant coach for THE WIILD.
It would have surprised me  - a lot - if that had not happened.
IMO it was a given.
Now the guessing continues regarding the Head coach (3 applicants-previously posted).
but also the two open assistant coach positions.

And as of this moment no applicants known unless Ruskowsky be in the running for one?
Or maybe an older player who hung up his skates recently?
Hrkac anyone?
And now arises the natural question: will the support team, as in Green and Tretiak, follow the trend and move on elsewhere? One other has already gone after just a few months on the team!

And why not?
New management brings with it usually their own well known support staff!
A lot of the players MAY be new, as well, with a few veterans for balance and wisdom sprinkled among them, it is fervently hoped!
JUST IN:  BAGNALL on a 2 yr and
ORTMEYER on one year contracts;re-signed-wayyyy to go.
Now I will get my Nr. 22 signed ;-)!
And I am also sure, that the news will dribble out shortly. As seems to have been the case recently,
ALWAYS while I am not on line :-) AND SO IT DID JUST NOW :-) SO GO here NOW!
So my news are already old news, at least for those who hang on the net all day long!
Aeros fans will have an another interesting season again
"Love your team, have faith and hope for the best :-)!"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thanks to Teen experts

I am always learning something new. 
So now I have done it once, linked something via a "word" in a blog!
Just hope it'll stick when I want to do it again.

Just to be safe I have jotted down the sequence to be typed....memory isn't what it once was! :-)- especially when it comes to the NEW computer language and its abbreviations..
html, http, href mime.. plus all those symbols and numbers, LOL.

But muddling through - bewildered by all that techie stuff - is what I do rather expertly - or so I think.
Just when I sit back filled with pride about that new achievement  - POW another puzzle!
And I scurry once again yelping for help to teenage friends.
Yep, those who are so well versed in the technology which changes almost - or so it seems to me - daily!

And may I say that not a one refuses to educate this old foggy on how to do it.
Well, they might bite their tongues not to laugh uproariously, about my insistence for
"Gotta have it written down" !   And  "Just forget about those flying fingers on the board"!
"Just show me SLOWLY - very slowly" !

So, in gratitude to those teenage experts in all things technology a big "THANKS, GUYS"!

I'll return the favor by handing out grandmotherly advice to the love lorn and unsure if asked ;-)!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beaudoin News

Mathieu Beaudoin
Former fave - will continue with the Coyotes organization,  but as a "Pirate" in Portland, ME.
For more information on Pirates and Coyotes click  Beaudoin

Sound and Image, Winning Nr. 22 Jersey

The sound of silence......
for me it goes schwaaa, swiiiish and  phee.
And then there's slurp, swoosh
and especially that pitter patter - yes, that kind of cardiac workout  ;-). 
Can one sing it? Play it?

How would you do it? 
Like this.................................

Or like that?

Or this?

maybe this is more to your liking:

    The Look of Silence.......

On the way to Chimayo
Photo by artandhockey
how do you depict it?
                                                                                      The Form of Silence ...
                                                                how do you record it?

  The Birth of Silence....
                                                                       Is this how?

"Silence is golden"
The origin of this often used proverb is lost in time. Some versions may even go back to Ancient Egypt.
The first time it was used in English was by poet Thomas Carlyle, translating it from the German in Sartor Resartus, 1831.

A fuller version is 
'Speech is silver; Silence is golden',
now seldom used.

 "Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity".
A Place for the Eternity of Silence - cemetary at Chimayo, NM
Photo by artandhockey

And the image upon hearing the bid on the green Play Off 2011 game worn - ORTMEYER # 22  jersey was won

(alas, not autographed - maybe when he comes back-I really do wish!
was like this
Yahoo, Yippee, Whooee!

Monday, June 27, 2011

EENY MEENY ...Three to go

Aeros coach applicants on spec:
Per Russos Rants and T3I  these three are forerunners in the race to head coach of the Aeros!

Trent Yawney,
Ryan McGill and
Gary Agnew on leftare in the running.

An oh so  innocent younger O'Sullivan :-)
Aeros/Wild players Gillies, Wellman,  Falk,  Palmer and  Penner have been qualified.

"Papa"  O'Sullivan has not been, possibly because he may be signed as  free agent on a two-way contract.
Of course he may go with another NHL or even an European club.

The 5-11, 210-pound speedy Forward
Darroll Powe, 26, signed with the Flyers in 2007 as an undrafted free agent out of Princeton. In 204 career games, he posted 22 goals and 21 assists with 130 minutes in penalties for Philadelphia. He has been signed by the Wild today.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

More WILD news with photos

Nice goal!
And Left Winger Mario Lucia, born August 8, 1993, USA, comes from a hockey family as manyof the newer aspirants! He is committed to play college hockey, but  has yet to decide on a school, with Minnesota, Colorado College and Notre Dame the finalists. His father Don Lucia was the coach at Colorado College before coming to Minnesota, and he played at Notre Dame. Mario’s older brother Tony Lucia played for the Gophers for four years and captained the team as a senior.

Tyler Graovac born April 27, 1993 in Ontario/Canada plays  Center, seems able to fight

scored a Hattrick!

Nick Seeler, born June 2, 1993 Eden Pairie (Chad Raus' home town as well!) plans to play college hockey at Nebraska-Omaha.

Goalie Stephen Michalek, born August 6, 1993 USA is going to Harvard !!!"The U.S. Under-18 Select Team defeated Finland, 5-2, recently in its final preliminary-round game of the Ivan Hlinka Memorial, getting 28 saves from Steve Michalek (Glastonbury, Conn.) in the win.
Michalek, who attends Loomis Chaffee, was selected as the U.S. player of the game"

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Knights of Hockey, Brain with Brawn, Wild News

Saving isn't all they do, these masked knights of hockey ;-) 

 they fight too:

and  even dance ;-)!

Just a little post to lighten us up today.

And some other stuff I read recently:
It sure looks like in Hockey one can have both! Brains and Brawns!
The hockey clubs of Yale, Harvard and Cornell achievement in mens' hockey all prove that !
IMO, the need for fast and felixible reasoning plus superb physical condition makes a great hockey player!
Of course I am somewhat biased.

And here are the current crop of college candidates for NHL drafts:
Round       Pick       NHL team                       Player Position College team
1 14 Dallas Jamie Oleksiak D Northeastern
1 15 N.Y. Rangers J.T. Miller C North Dakota (2011)
1 20 Phoenix Connor Murphy D Miami (2011)
1 22 Toronto Tyler Biggs RW Miami (2011)

Compared to all draft choices the number IS small.

And here is some WILD news:
The San Jose Sharks traded a package headlined by forward Devin Setoguchi to the Minnesota Wild for Brent Burns. The Sharks paid a steep price to acquire the 26-year-old Burns.
The 24-year-old Setoguchi, a 30-goal scorer who hasn't even reached his prime yet.
And the Sharks added last year's first-round pick Charlie Coyle, a Boston Collegian, born March 2, 1992 and the 28th overall pick in this year's draft.
And more:
Jonas Brodin born July 12, 1993 in Sweden (17yrs old) reportedly has no truly impressive offensive stats, but amazes with his hockey sense, composure, skating, and mobility. And then there will be Zack PhillipsBorn October 28, 1992 who has 95 points (38G and 57 A) in his last season.
This all does seem to point that the WILD are aiming for a younger team to be molded to Yeos' specifications and to build a formidable team down the line in a year or two? Of course we won't see Setoguchi in Houston, I don't think.
Brodin at 17 is too young for next season playing as Aeros or wild.
Phillips at 19 will/may be an Aeros!
And Coyle, hmmm, he would be a very attractive addition to the Aeros, wouldn't he, ladies?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Advance Notice of memorable event by HGO

PIECES OF 9/11 Memories from Houston
is a new work by Jake Heggie with a libretto by Gene Scheer, to honor 9/11 victims and responders.

Commissioned as part of the HGOco Song of Houston project, the work commemorates those Houstonians who were affected by, and responded to, events on September 11, 2001.

HGO will perform Pieces of 9/11, Memories from Houston on

Friday, September 9, Houston City Hall Reflection Pond and
Sunday, September 11 at the world renowned Rothko Chapel

For other events planned around it, and detailed information please visit:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rainy Day Musing

Isn't it about time someone writes a definite "Wasting Time 101"?
Salvatore Dali's 'The Eye of Time'
I could add a few ideas!
And so could everyone of my chers readers, I am sure.
Feel free to mention as many as you can - just to help some putative authors along ;-)!

Purists might call  'Blogging' a waste of time?
How dare they?  
It's the electronic diary of our time  - LOL!
Do a bit of research.
And use spell check :-)!
Write about things perhaps not generally known - really you did not know That?
Add a dash of fantasy to spice it up. 
Mix in a photo of a lovely  or a lovely photo.

Have fun with a video clip...

and blog away!

Afterall it's no PhD thesis, right!
                                 No degree hangs on its success. No tenure to be considered.
                               One won't get fired for one's blog, or hired for that matter - usually!
                                                                 Exceptions may apply!
                                        Plus it keeps one's little grey cells occupied !

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gone missing ..

The day soaps on day TV - well they are going to be  :-D!

For me, it's those oh so, funny humor TV series, movie, or cabaret of recent memories, 
before the start of "LET IT ALL HANG OUT" took the fun out of it all,  IMO!
And people seem to have lost the sense of enjoying the absurd!
So why am I posting on that?
During dinner with a young friend the other evening, we reminisced about great comedians worldwide.
Despite the fact that she is young enough to be my daughter, we found, surprise, we have similar tastes in certain comedies - ones with the double entendre, tongue-in-cheek and even the stark black comedy!

So I went surfing on TV. 
After a while I hit a channel (forgot which) that just happen to show MASH reruns.
And the humor from that time is just as funny now. I laughed my head off... again.

I've heard that there will be a copy cat (?) series, soon, about hospitals in the current war, but without the leavening humor! From the pilot ads seen so far it will be a most 'realistic' kind - a reality show of gore!

That got me to thinking about other funny 'old' TV series.
Primarily the ones from the BBC...
Do YOU remember some of the 'ne plus ultra' ones - Brit Humor at its true best?
And here are some to wake those memories of perhaps your yore, too!
                                                           "Are you being served"?

                                                                "Keeping up Appearances"?

"Mr. Bean"?

Spoof on a German POW Camp?

"Fawlty Towers"?

And then there were the comedians who composed and wrote utterly weird skits LOL.
Shelley Berman,

Tom Lehrer

Victor Borge,

Anna Russell and

La Gran Scena -opera parodies

Qualtinger, Bronner,
Georg Kreisler-in German
Danzer, Die 3 Spitzbuben ..Austria.

And here are some 'modern' ones from Germany-in German

And I am sure there were similar ones in French and Spanish and other languages.

And what about movies in this vein?

Most of Abbott and Costello,
Charlie Chaplin (most notable The Great Dictator),
Kind Hearts and Coronets (Alec Guinness),
Dr Strangelove,
Blazing Saddles
come to mind !
Even Naked Gun, the first version...
although that one already verges into the blood, guts and
gore type that has become more prevalent! And the second was just a poor imitation.

La Cage aux Folles-
the French language movie was simply unbeatable IMO!

 And cartoons..

As for instance "Der Fluesterwitz" of Nazi Germany and others of that ilk (Jokes told in whispers for fear of retalliation by authorities)
'Wer hat den Reichstag angezündet?
Die Gebrüder SASS"
("Who burnt the Reichstag?
The Brothers SASS "(combined SA and SS)

before cartoonists became targets of certain militants!

And authors of books.. ditto!
Swift, an early satirist
I am pretty sure you, too, know of at least one such parody, satirical movie, book, cartoon etc.
What happened to that kind of black or any kind of humor?
Has the need to be so darn PC taken the fun out of the FUNNIES?

I remember daring to visit an 'underground' cabaret in, then apartheid, South Africa where fearless young actors took great risks. Alas, only 'getting' the ones in English, I missed a lot more in the Africans and even tribal languages judging from the reaction of the laughing mixed audience.

Because satire criticises in an ironic indirect way, frequently it can slide under censorship.While a more direct criticism may not be able to do this. Of course at times, serious opposition develops mainly from the very people in power who perceive themselves attacked. And then they make attempts to censor or even prosecute its practitioner. 

A very early example:
Aristophanes caricatured Cleon mercilessly in his subsequent plays, especially in Knights, 424 B.C".
"You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner"
Sounds rather modern, doesn't it? :-) :-) :-)

                  "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" - a modern version cartoon! :-). :-) :-)

Evolution of Mankind ; -) :-)

And that's all she wrote,  folks...
have some funny times remembering YOUR very own satire, parody or cartoon!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Just some hockey history and an Aeros update

to while away the summer doldrums.


Did you know that hockey fever runs in families?
Really much more than I imagined and for all the details I refer you to this very comprehensive list.

and for more interesting reading (just reserve lots of time for that..it is huge) there is this alphabetically arranged list:

And then there is this
 and of course that

So what brought that on?
Well, reading about the 3 French/Polish brothers Gabriel, Teddy and Stephane Da Costa, who all played and still play hockey. Stephane with the Senators most recently
All three born to a French father and a Polish mother in 1984, 86 and 89,  respectively.

So my curiosity got the better of me and I went web surfing ..
and the first two references quoted above still keep me speechless - LOL.

And here the story about the 2 Staal brothers. And yes, they do get into fights when on opposing teams, in case you wondered. It's all about your team family not your biological family in hockey.

And then I went further:

and fights between brothers PRIMEAU in hockey on opposing teams
Several sets of brothers have been selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft, including the Hatcher brothers, Kevin, taken by Washington with the 17th pick in 1984, and Derian (right), selected by the then Minnesota North Stars with the eighth pick in 1990.
AND THE SEDINS who were not able to propel the Canucks to Stanley cup-dom this year, despite the often mentioned 'thought transference without words'- ;-)

And sisters playing hockey as far as I could find:
Monique Lamoureux and  identical twin sister, Jocelyne. 

The Colucci sisters play field hockey, ice hockey and lacrosse. Catherine, better known as Cate, or C.C., is a starting midfielder, co-captain and the only field hockey player in Division II last year to earn All-State recognition. Meghan is a starting back and Kiley a starting forward. They are so versatile, however, that coach Ken Dias doesn't hesitate to move them around.

Other Hockey-playing sisters Katharine and Margaret Chute

Menard and Mahon Sisters 

 And 9-year-old twins Julia and Renee Hoffmann play ice hockey together on the same team with boys while also competing against boys.

                                Just some suggested reading/surfing for you hockey starved fans ;-).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slaying dragons of the mind..

Green dragons, electric Blue ones.
Fire spewing dragons.
Flying dragons with wings like bats.
Dragons with forked tongue.
Dragons with scorpion sting tails.

Slimy dragons.
Scaly dragons with talons.
Little dragons.

Black ones with big horns
Am I the 'lone slayer'. :-)!

Where is my knight in shining armour to wields his sword?

At last, the giant dragon
step by ponderous step sinks deeper into earth
till with a last defiant flick of his tail he is gone from the mind.
And I wake screaming with aches and a giant headache.
It sure was a hell of a battle.
I'm gonna rest now!