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Friday, May 20, 2011

AEROS Down 2

and so the Round 3 Game 5 ends with Aeros 2  and Bulldogs 4.
And the action shifts back to Houston on Sunday for Game 6 and if needed game 7 on Tuesday.

The nicest thing of this game was that The Scrapper JM Daoust(in for McMillan) got an unassisted goal and Ortmeyer got the second goal for Aeros. But with Hackett out of the net, the Bulldogs easily made it 4 at the very end of regulation.

As we did not watch the game I can't say much about who played what when and where.
And who ought to have done better or what.

Anyway, we have more hockey on Sunday for sure!
And let's hope the Aeros will 'let'er rip'!

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