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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nipping at the heels..

did not do the Hamilton Bulldogs much good.

Aeros won the 3. Game in Round 3 with 3-2.

We went to a watch party...
Well, watch was the operative word, the AHL feed seemed to blank out more often than not.

The 'other announcer' was a lot less electric than our Voice of the Aeros, even though,
when they were finally able to combine a small picture of the action with O'Donnells voice,
the twain were out
Palushaj  for sure looks a bit dejected?
of sync.
 For quite while!
Somehow funny to see the furious skating going on while commercials were touting a boring meal! LOL.
And what was so pathetic... the very sparse crowd!
Less than 3.000... for a play off game!!!
No wonder the Bulldogs looked a bit ...dejected?
And of all places in Canada, the land of hockey, as Canadians point out unceasingly!

Binghampton also won over The Checkers by one goal!
Brust and Locke fans rejoiced, I am sure!

On the other hand the screen next door WAS showing the
Bruins and Tampa Bay game  which, alas,
the Bruins won by one goal, as well!

So one of the teams I am rooting for, won,
the other lost, both by just one goal! 
But that IS hockey!

Tonight the battle continues in Hamilton....
IF, nay WHEN the Aeros win this one.. it's  another sweep, and they go on to the Finals!!
Whooee! More Hockey in May!
I shall be at the Encore of the Met's IL TROVATORE, one of  my  favorite VERDI operas....
however confusing and absurd the plot!

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