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Friday, June 6, 2014

Need Hockey Fans feel slighted?

Well,  wouldn't you ?
 When today's WSJ devotes 7, count'em, seven pages to Soccer, but NOT even one small paragraph to the epic battle for the Stanley Cup that is currently playing between EAST and WEST (USA) as the NY Rangers face off to LA Kings.

Hockey, the fastest sport on feet - ahem, skates.

Sure car-racing or horse-racing maybe faster, but IMO the swift and yet elegant way those skaters race after that little black puck is gripping! And colorful. And exciting!

And speaking of hockey, you may know that Houston is one of the few large cities without a hockey team, since the Houston Aeros were moved to DesMoines, Iowa and re-named Iowa Wild. I remember some games here, when the edge of the seat was were we all hung out if not on our feet clapping and yelling! And after the move, Better Half and I drove to San Antonio several times to get our hockey fix...even though the Rampage are not that good.
BUT... One of BH 's faves Jed Ortmeyer
went to play for the Rampage - and so .. there we were!
Meanwhile at home now, we watch the Stanley Cup Play off Games.. and how!!!

Me, I am rooting for the Kings.
But before that, I did for the Habs, especially after their goalie was badly injured and the youngster D. Tokarski, came in 'cold' so to speak, and acquitted himself very well, IMO.  And an Austrian skater was there as well.. ThomasVanek, whom we remembered from 2013 European play offs.

But, the best team won that round and so, here I am now rooting for the Kings.

But am pleased, too, that a former Aeros, Benoit Pouliot, skates for the Rangers, and skates well and fast! And how about Martin St. Louis? We saw him in Tampa, so are happy he is doing this well with the Rangers.
Anyway, more exciting play off Hockey to come
I have a feeling that this will be an epic battle.
Both teams are truly good.
And fast.
And have alert goalies.
Their offense is good, their defense is as well.
Lady Luck will have her work cut out!

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