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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Who'd a thunk it ..a trophy for that team

which just barely squeaked by during the first few months, BEFORE the injection of O (no, not oxygen, but Ortmeyer and O'Sullivan) to see them progress to the CALDER CUP FINAL series.
I sure did not. Hoped of course, but did they prove me wrong!
And it's a good feeling in this case to be proven wrong ;-), a very good feeling!
They did make it to the final series AND have won the Robert W. Clarke Trophy as the American Hockey League’s Western Conference champions for 2010-11. Yeah, Aeros!
Seems to me TEXAS hockey is alive and well!
Last year 2009/10  the newly 'hatched' Texas Stars carried off this trophy (remember!) and this year OUR Aeros did!  Now for the last ditches to be overcome, eh?

2011 Calder Cup Finals – Series “O” (best-of-7)
times are EST
W2-Houston Aeros vs. E5-Binghamton Senators
Game 1
– Fri., May 27 –   Binghamton at Houston, 8:35 (Houston 7:35 PM)
Game 2 – Sat., May 28 –  Binghamton at Houston, 8:35
Game 3 – Wed., June 1 –   Houston at Binghamton, 7:05
Game 4 – Fri., June 3 –      Houston at Binghamton, 7:05
*Game 5 – Sat., June 4 –   Houston at Binghamton, 7:05
*Game 6 – Tue., June 7 – Binghamton at Houston, 8:05
*Game 7 – Thu., June 9 - Binghamton at Houston, 8:05
* if needed.

Now this may be a plus, since the momentum and elation of last night's WIN probably will carry over.
On the other hand Baby Sens have had some time to rest and...

Well, I AM NOT predicting BUT..only hoping for another miracle.
"Herbie please look down, speak and - Aeros listen!  :-)"
With these two teams anything can happen.
But one thing is sure... we have May Hockey in Houston! And maybe even June Hockey ;-D!

And another thing, IMO:  The recent outpouring of electronic media coverage has had a positive impact!
Vide the number of people in the TC last night - a whopping/whooping ;-) 6117!
That is three times the normal Tuesday attendance during the regular season!
May all these newbies get hooked on hockey and return as well next season.
My wish in the Hockey Gods' ears!
That's Phusical-right in front of one referee.

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