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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Final round Game 2 - in retrospect this Memorial Day weekend

AFTER a good night's sleep..I feel  it was rather an exciting game, even though Aeros lost. 
The 'scuffle' line of Peters, Ortmeyer and Scandella taking on foes ;-)

Large scuffle about to break out

Ortmeyer paying his respect to Lehner's prowess? :-D
Naturally disappointed - who wouldn't be?

There were so many 'almost' moments when we were on our feet, fist pumping, thunder sticks clapping, cowbells ringing, horns blowing and the 'animator' screaming his heart out,  Lady Dynamics shaking and bopping... ....and ears hurting through all that noise........
only to have Lehner stop the puck...again and again!
Rats! Darn!  W.T.Heck!

But Aeros have come back and won away games before.
And so it will be this time. 

Someone or someones, please, tell Hackett to stay put and VERY close to his net.
He so often seems barely able to make it back after meandering around the net to face that fast skating opponent rushing down the ice with puck through thick and thin!
So obvious to fans, yelling Get back! Get the h... back! many a time.
Is it blocked vision? Can't be with no bodies in front! 
Too full of confidence in believing he could get back in time?  
But only by the edge of his 'skates' ;-D!

The Aeros defense alive and well -this time

And the help of his team's defenders who use everything to block, check, impede - which  luckily were present to prevent another goal or two making it into the net.

A Flying Aeros' Sacrifice :-D
Gotta give Aeros KUDOS for doing everything possible including offering up bodies to block shots!

Lehner gets puck flying away on rebound
         Let us now pay tribute to all fallen heroes 
 of  the past and the present on this Memorial Day,
as we gather with friends and family to enjoy a summer holiday
with the must have barbecue ;-)!


Anonymous said...

I did yell more than one time for Hackett to get back in his net!!! I have watched too many goals made by a goalie out of his "home"!!

artandhockey said...

YES Anonymous... your words in someone's ears!