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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


DiSalvatore looks nonchalant-)!
 Aeros hang in there to the end and win the series with a goal by The Captain Di Salvatore.
No more do I really have to say.
But just in case.. you chers readers were not present among the 6117 screaming fans!
First period Aeros out shoot Hamilton (12 vs 7 ),
Second both teams are playing with equal intensity ( 8 SOG),
Aeros rev it up in Third with 14 SOG, Bulldogs 12.

I don't want to dissect the game,  mistakes made, the miraculous recoveries. And moaning about the - what did you expect ? - officiating by Hebert G and Koharski T, 3 penaltieses vs Houston, ONLY one vs Hamilton. When a bulldog hit Daoust over the head/helmet trying to incite him to fight, but JM, smart guy he is, just skated away, no penalty. Several Aeros sent sprawling - no penalties for tripping called.
But, the AEROS won this despite the officiating! So they did..WIN, WIN, WIN..
Who'd a thunk it last year, eh?

Briefly, periods 1 and 3 were somewhat equal and played aggressively. Period two offered a slowing down by both teams..
But the Aeros surprised all of us, I feel, by playing a very physical game.

Although Hackett let in two goals, one of which was only too predictable! Because there was hardly an Aeros to impede the rush by Boyd, with puck, down center ice and smack into the net!

Aeros goals in the 1. by Rau/O'Sullivan/Wellman;
Unassisted by Wellman within 10 minutes-although it did seem much faster!
Bulldogs goals by Boyd/Carle/MacIntyre, and on a PP Carle/Dawes.

In the 2. for Aeros Wellman/Daoust/Falk
for Hamilton: Palushai/Boyd/Dawes on another PP

And the game winner DiSalvatore/O'Sullivan/Rau
PP Aeros 0/1, Hamilton 2/3-
not only did the refs call few penalties against either team, they did overlook several as well!
Which served Aeros well.
Scandella must have had a bad "skate day".

Now you all know I and Better Half are partial to THE SCRAPPER (Daoust) and he proved it again minus two incidents of loosing the puck. But the way HE goes up against much bigger players is admirable.
And the way he can snatch the puck while turning on the proverbial dime.. well you all  saw that, didn't you?
Am I the only one to feel that inserting Daoust into the lines was a beneficial move.
He is fast, quick, and unafraid to beard (lol) bigger foes!

And without further ado some photos
Hackett and defense above and below

Yes, MacIntyre that one went in - courtesy of RAU-Wow

And a standing ovation by happy fans

Gillies gets pushed down, Palmer  "hugging" in return  ;-) maybe?

Dumont forced away by grip of linesman

MacIntyre scurries off-penalty for MacMillan for boarding follows. Daoust is left wondering why!

 A MacIntyre save

and here is THE winning goal; apologize for the fuzzy quality..
I was SOOOOO excited and on my feet as well, and not having a tripod like those BIG guys....but here it is:

and here A very Happy Hackett skips and jumps for joy -lol!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video! I guess the "controversy" is MacIntyre thinks he had the puck covered before DiSalvatore poked it in?

artandhockey said...

But it did go in and that's all that counts.
Was MacIntyre beginning to think "I am invincible"? ;-)!

ICEVET said...

Mike Yeo's SPECIAL TEAM has found its place in the Aeros record book, irrespective of what may transpire over the next two weeks with the Baby-Senators.

Mike Yeo is a WINNER who (with his talented staff) has built and nurtured a group of players into a TEAM whose collective value far exceeds the sum of the individual talents and where every player believes that they are WINNERS, one of life's great intangible values.

The pride and character of this SPECIAL TEAM is there for all to see, as the boys continue to reward Houston hockey fans...hopefully, the Houston Sports Media can FULLY support the Aeros in attracting large crowds (over 10,000) to the FINAL games.

My take on the DiSalvatore goal: Terry Koharski (the senior official) was right on top of the goal crease, saw everything (including an "uncovered puck") and made the right judgment call to let action continue until EITHER (a) MacIntyre covers the puck OR (b) the Aeros advance it over the goal line....all of which occurred within a matter of a few seconds. Notwithstanding some very poor officiating in this SERIES, Koharski made the right judgment calls when it really counted in the last few minutes.

artandhockey said...

Yes, I do agre that good coverage by the electronic AND written media can only help popularize the game of HOCKEY in Houston.
And it is such good entertainment at such reasonable prices!
So unlike the soaring NHL ticket prices.
So some people griped about 'non-wise' public. But, everyone is not fed hockey with mother's milk as some seem to think (in Canada and the North) and must be learned to appreciate!