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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fights and A Game

In the beginning several Great Saves by Hackett

Aeros lost to Chicago Wolves 5-3.
2 referees assigned beaucoup penalties-apparently most to the Aeros allowing several PP goal by the Wolves. ..3 to Penner in the First alone, later there were more, also against Chicago!.
And after we left, the game must have deteriorated into a major brawl, since game misconduct, roughing, fighting and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties teemed in the third with less than 4 minutes to go..
Anyway, aggressive Wolves just snapped at Hackett and spit him back out.
Tordjman came in later.
First Goal by Chicago

Hackett makes another truly great save

Second Goal by Chicago

 Heavy activity at Chicago net in the seond
After 4. Chicago Goal in second - Hackett recalled

 Tordjman sent in and warming up

The Red Knight is ready

Aeros goal in second

Otherwise, this game was only memorable by the omissions by referees in not calling penalties that were due.
Aeros starting slow.. did they have 'morning skate' in mind after the 3 days off?
They did heat up a bit in the third and increased their offensive shots on goal.
However, the trio of Earl, Rau and Palmer got 2 goals.
AND  Rau, Noreau and O'Sullivan got the 3.
Hackett looked a bit battered after a melee. 
That may very well have been part of the reason for sending Tordjman in!
Or was it the 4 goals he did not stop?
Morency was helped off but came back later.
Wolves played a very aggressive and rough game, and -
so it seemed to me - were rather good in causing incidents for which Aeros player went to the penalty box.
Deservedly or not?
And that's all folks.. gonna have a glass of 'cheer me up' - and so Good Night.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What price youthful resilience

Staying tuned to the Rampage game tonight. 
Ads 2 vs Rampage 2 at end of OT.
Shoot out winner is Milwaukee 3 Rampage 2,and the first in the West to clinch a play off spot.

Atte Engren Atte Engrenfrom Finland (Nashville Predator prospect)
in his 1. AHL game in goal  for the Admirals.
From all I read, he is a very athletic hybrid butterfly  goalie and Aeros may have to face him at their next game versus the Admirals. Climie in goal for Rampage.

And the "spoilers" Rockford win over Lake Erie!

Apropos Aeros:
Josh Caron
Josh Caron, 20 Defense,
ready to take on an opponent -

and Headshot
Kris Foucault, 19, left wing,also ready to fight -  ;-)!
 have joined Aeros for the rest of the season and...into the Play Offs!

Recently I saw this interesting tidbit -
And will write about it.. to while away the time, until the Aeros game tomorrow.
When I mention youth in the title above,
I mean the Schweizer Moskitos,

the SBC Future team of  boy players.
17 of them came to Los Angeles from Bern, Switzerland.
And 24 hours later they won their first game against the Jr. Kings Peewee 2:0, then going on to loose against the Wave PeeWee of Anaheim.
Winning twice more during the tournament vs San Jose Blackhawks and Seattle Snow Kings.
But lost in the finals to the Wave Peewee.

During their stay they not only participated in the tournament, also  deep training on the ice, sightseeing and attendance at an Anaheim Ducks vs Capitals NHL game.
Despite the fact that the game in the USA is played much faster and much rougher, the boys toughened it out and went home to Bern with an experience under their belts, that few, if any, European Youth teams can claim their own.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Behold Beauty?

While meandering around the MFAH recently, thoughts of  what consists an ideal beauty kept cursing through  my mind. What is perceived, I believe, as the ideal male beauty seems solidly anchored in the Greco Roman times, although in my opinion, the Greeks and, as copycats of them, the Romans, need to give some credit to depiction of Egyptian males ..
such as found via excavations in the last centuries.
A truncated statue of the God RA at right.................................................
I do believe, the Greek seafaring traders did encounter statues and may have carried tales of them home to influence some archaic sculptors...at least, that's what I think. Of course, art historians may gainsay this, but...

Strong eveidence points to the clean classic lines of an
Apollo of Belvedere ,
the toned bodies of
  a Discus thrower and other athletes ,  as surely providing the ideal for modern bodybuilders to emulate,except if carried to the extreme when it becomes grotesque:

The female ideal of Beauty has changed much more, from fertilily symbol 
to sex symbol Expressed by make up,
(too much?) 
through artists' perceptions
Rubens: Venus
Hairstyles and fashions

Plucking Hair to increase height of  the  forehead
 (some of us have THAT now, naturally, lol)

Through some health threatening modes,
such as those bound feet of wealthy Chinese women, 
wasp waists of  the last century.
And might not Modigliani's vision  be an omen of what's to come, perhaps?

 Female body builder

Such as bulimia and anorexia. Or the opposite !

 Hair sculptures of the 1700's :-)
The 'tete-a-tete' bonnet, what went on under those, eh?
In fact anything extreme becomes grotesque..................................................

Would YOU wear this?

Women's fashion are and always seem to have been more outre -
to have us suffer, perhaps - all in the name of 'beauty'.

Or was it designed to 'hobble' us? You may recall a certain phrase: Kirche, Kinder, Kueche (roughly translated into Religion, Babies, Cooking).
Most female clothes are designed by MEN!
Although lately, women have had their say and made most (not all) much more wearable for all body types.

 For whatever reason, men's fashions are rarely as extreme as this outfit by Galliano below:
But, whatever...be happy, be healthy and be YOURSELF!
And Enjoy Yourself with the Jacksons!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Aeros win over Oklahoma again.
It was not an easy win, Barons fought back, especially in the second and third period.
                                      Rau (O'Sullivan, Noreau) Power Play Goal 5  minutes into 1.

The Penalty killing machine of OKC was much in evidence, keeping Aeros to just 1 power play goal  in 1. by Rau
Major hugging going on :-) after the PP goal
 Five minutes later Gillies (Ortmeyer, Noreau) made it Aeros 2 OKC 1
                                            Gillies Goal ..puck just above leg of OKC Nr. 16.
 The forward momentum gets Gillies flat on his back, but the puck's in!

Arcobello converted the next PP opportunity and it is
Aeros 2 OKC 1 at the end of the First.

Almost before the face off puck was played in the Second, Earl and Peters got a shorthanded goal
and Aeros 3 OKC 1- that was a beauty.
Pitton went way out -surely he DID see the puck, but next thing he knew ... it was in the net!
Unfortunately, OKC's Kytnar evened the score a bit 50 seconds later on a PP Aeros 3 OKC 2.

Great Save by Hackett
O'Sullivan seemed a bit dazed after a collision at the end of this period, eventually limped out and never returned for the rest of the game.

And then Period Three:
Disalvatore,Falk, Penner) scored Aeros 4.
Then bang, bang OKC got 2 goals , Kytnar again and Moran . AEROS 4 OKC 4.

Sitting on edge. I was just wondering if it will be a repeat.. that is OT and SO.. but Peters, Prosser and Ortmeyer made it Aeros 5 OKC 4 and the team managed to hang onto the one goal advantage, even with the extra man on ice by OKC!

Hugs again

                      And a bit of house (ahem net) cleaning 
          and a last big save by Hackett it was over

Number One Star Peters!
What were Pitton and Hackett thinking when they both skated wayyyy out of their crease to get sticks on the pucks, even as a foe was furiously skating toward them?

I admit, it tickled my funny bone to imagine a 'shoot out' contest just between the two goalies..
Pitton skates out and slams puck toward Aeros net ...missed.
Hackett skates out and shoots puck toward OKC net... goal.. and so forth
Who needs a team .. let the goalies do the shoot outs ... of course I am just kidding!
But the picture just won't go away..lol!
I sure wish I could draw this....

IMO the speed of this game was phantastic.
The OKC penalty kill was indeed better than the Aeros'.
But Aeros had by far the better goalie even IF Hackett did let one soft goal in, but then so did Pitton.
OKC seemed to have some trouble with getting their puck carrier protected in the 1. and part of the 2. They did tighten up later in the game-proof two goals in 3.! 
Defense present and accounted for ;-)

DiSalvatore lurking in favorite spot!
Aeros defense seemed on track most of the time and the offense was quite good.
Passing has visibly improved, but still could be better.