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Saturday, May 7, 2011


Resurrection Lily- Lycoris squamigera
It's a good, a verrrrry good feeling.
Having felt poorly, to say the least,  yesterday afternoon into evening, is the reason for no photos here, no personal comments on that game. While trying to stave off headaches and more, I did  fitfully listened to the game! 
As I was just about to succumb once again,  BAM there was the goal, and soon after that  the evener! Yes, the 'Voice of the Aeros' carried even that far.
And then the OT.
And another BAM and the Aeros won this cliffhanger.
Nuf said... T3I has all the details, sordid and otherwise, plus a lucky photo or two of THAT goal!
That Jeremy Smith in goal for the Ads - it's stunningly unbelievable that he was able to stop that many sogs. Had his defense been even a soupcon better,  the miracle of the Aeros' resurrection in the last few moments of theThird and OT could not have happened.
Play Offs are  part skill, part concentration, part determination, AND part luck.
Lady Luck sure woke up just in time for the Aeros!

Meanwhile over at the IIHF:
Germany was not as victorious this time: she lost 4-5 vs Finland;
Canada beat USA 4-3;
The Czechs checked Slovakia 3-2; Sweden shut out France 4-0
And today:
Austria (finally, barely) won 3-2 over Slovenia;
Belarus was beaten by Latvia 3-6;
And right now;
Denmark vs Germany - ongoing-stand at 2-2 and
Norway vs Canada-in progress are at 0-2.

This AM I do feel resurrected as well and ready to face the world again, looking at it through rose colored glasses rather than that awful fuzzy and murkiness of last night ;-0!

And getting geared to fly to Boston on Tuesday to meet up with MARIA PADILLA ;-)as sung by friend Barbara Quintiliani with her firehouse but flexible soprano.  Staying the night, and lunch the day after. 
Just checked and there'll be some cold nights up there, with about 60's during the day, no rain but coat weather for sure!

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