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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You gotta love computer Translators

Every time.
From Czech to English as in the article quoted below.

From German to English.
I can specifically recommend that way of translation, since I do know both languages really well to appreciate the muddles google, etal. get into.
Well computers are not really up on idiomatic phrases which in any living language change almost - so it seems - annually!

Google and/or other translators do provide THE laughs for the day.
Go ahead and try it out!
You , too, will chuckle your way through the day and -
in the current misery thanks to Mother Nature or thanks to 'your' hockey team loosing -
a chuckle or two has to be welcomed

This is from an article in Czech translated to English by Google about legendary Goalie Hasek 'taking a year off from hockey', or so it seems to say.
„Kdyby o mě někdo opravdu hodně stál, tak už se mi ozval.

"If someone did for me was a lot, so I said no. (Hm, what did he say no to?)

Byl jsem připravený na angažmá, ale pokud nikdo necítil, že potřebuje vyloženě mě, přijde mi nevhodné dál čekat, radši jsem to ukončil sám.
I was ready for engagement, but if no one felt that he needed me outright, it seems to me inappropriate to wait any longer, I prefer it closed itself. (yes, that does seem appropriate)

Než abych někde něco zalátával a čekal, co by kde mohlo eventuálně být… Já mám rád jasno dřív, abych si mohl přesně naplánovat přípravu.
Before I zalátával somewhere, waiting to where it could possibly be - I like the clouds before, so I can accurately plan preparation. (Cloud computing..or just wild imagination there?)

Musím taky k tomu klubu něco cítit.
I have also something to the club feel. (Well what feel does he have?)

V případě Pardubic předloni to bylo jasné, loni jsem se nadchnul pro Spartak kvůli jeho historii.
In the case of Pardubice, the year before it was clear that last year I got into Spartak due to its history. (Hm history is so interesting, what?)

Velkou roli sehrála Moskva a motivací bylo i to, že si zahraju proti bývalým protihráčům. Moscow played a big role and the motivation was the fact that he'll play against former opponents. (Now that IS motivation, isn't it?)

Zkrátka, abych někam šel, musí to mít logiku.
In short, I went somewhere, it must make sense.(Yes, indeed, it must make sense at 46! no less). 

A ta se teď neobjevovala.“
And it is now not appear. " (an apparition gone?)

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