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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ONCE UPON a time.. Hail to progress?

Feeling hopelessly antediluvian.
When it comes to electronics and such!
Once upon a time one's brain was computer,  batteries, memory card. 
No wires and proper outlets needed.
Just drink a cup o' strong Java in the morning to get it ticking.
Eat to keep it fueled. And pack lightly for trips!
And just imagine how easy it would be to breeze through security at airports.
And at the end of one's day, have a glass of wine to slow down for a restful sleep! Which would not be interrupted by:
"Did I recharge the cell?"
"Did I unplug the computer?"
"Did I buy a new....battery... memory card?"
"Did I save everything - worth saving (or not :-)?)" On CD, Flashdrive or clouds?

Once upon a time there was such thing as privacy!
One revealed one's thoughts and feelings via storytelling, later handwritten, then typed, letters!
Then by telephone calls which were not so easily monitored.
They could be, but it was much more difficult.
Now just whip out your blackberry, android or the next generation and have at it!
And who cares that one is being followed!
Are we being brainwashed into not caring for anyone's privacy?

Once upon a time one had friends that lived close.
And met them for coffee, wine or just to talk face to face!
Now one has gazillion friends via FB and other media. LinkdIn if you want to connect professionally, and others. Being retired I am not linking in. It is enough for me to spend time catching up with FB goings on! LOL, and blogging my thing! If anyone reads it or not.
I blog ergo I am! Just kidding.

Once upon a time we had photo albums taken painstakingly with slow cameras! That collected dust -usually - but were ready to be dragged out and shown to unsuspecting guests..like it or not! One was guest one had to suffer (maybe) through album after album!   The delopement of digicameras which do it almost all-calculate, edit, adjust for optional results, is the culprit!
One is no longer required to think and take into consideration, speed, distance openings, etc.
And then transfer to one's computer for storage or printing right at home. And  fewer and fewer prints are being made and mailed! No more photos to stick on one's fridge,as one's instant album LOL.
Few postcards bought and sent.. just snap a picture and email it! And stamp collecting? Do kids still beg for stamps off foreign letters? When the stamping is done without stamps. Not an  incentive to collect, unless it is to invest in percived treasures! 
Now it is all in the clouds Big Brother can follow one wherever one goes and whatever one likes..and LET THE SPAM arrive! LOL.

Once upon a time, one painted, drew or etched or carved one's impressions. One had to wait weeks or months for aletter to arrive and more for one's answer to get back. Salivating all the way in hopes of great news LOL.
Now-email, skype and such -immediate gratification! No more waiting patiently!

Once upon a time we knew words in English and knew them well.
Now the world of words changes so quickly it is hard to keep up with it.
Initials abound, thanks to texting!
Of course it takes too much effort to type properly with Capitals if needed.
U'r rite. TA  - so LOL! Translation needed? 
Do your own research. 
It is so revealing, and that too, is a LOL.
Here's is some information and help!
A LOL world !
But I do like that sense of humor a LOL world imparts.
LOL, LOL....just keep laughing it IS healthy.

Once upon a time ....you surely can find plenty to fill in here.....or can't you?
Simple will do it!

Ah progress.....it is such a wonderful thing!

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