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Sunday, December 11, 2011

A mucho caliente Rampage kept the Checkers in check

with the almost superhuman effort of Goalie Markstrom who battered by 45 sogs stopped all but one.
Markstrom in action
He was on a hot streak until.. and that one was NOT 100% his fault - just when we all thought SHUT OUT for Markstrom, a stupid mistake (cross checking) by LoVecchio gave the Checkers their last opportunity and Staal with Sanguinetti  and Soryal (all young'uns at 21) scored a PP  at 19:28 into the 3.
Staal (22) and Buddy Soryal are trying hard
Nevertheless Rampage made 3 goals in 1. 1 goal in 2. (only 23 sogs on Checkers Goalie Justin Peters,and so recorded their second win in 2 days.
Now I don't believe that OUR presence had anything to do with that.. although our ticket rep seemed to think so (just kidding).
Another save by a beleaguered Markstrom
Anyway, a newly energized (see-what a win can do for you!) Rampage stormed out in the 1. and just took over. The red jerseyed Checkers seemed disorganized, although they did force a rapid speed in the 2. and 3. badgering Markstrom incessantly - or so it seemed. But he rose to the occasion...vide his 44 stops.
Strachan First Goal

Somewhere on the bottom is a Checker

Wright's in right place but Peters stopped that puck

Another Kerfuffle with Selleck and LoVecchio  in the midst
The 4 goals came from the elder statesmen (Kearns-30 two times, Strachan -27, Rallo - 30, and Marshall and Barlow (both 26) with the help of Timmins and Repik (2 times) and Robak and Dadonov - all 22).
The game was exciting to watch and as the team scored for the 4th, all in attendance got a coupon for a free chick-filet..plus the parachuted "Eat more Chickin" cow holding another coupon!  Our lunch at the next San Antonio excursion is surely covered - lol!
All photos by artandhockey except where noted.
As mentioned, my battery went dead... so only a few pictures from the Rampage vs Rivermen battle which Rampage won 2-1.
Selleck and a Riverman fight

 Jake Allen  falls  down in desperate attempt of a save.

Stand Up Goalie Dov Grumet-Morris

When we returned home it was to sadder news:
Ben Bishop caught so beautifully by Chris Jerina for his AHL in Photos series-Thanks for letting me post this (over and over - so fetching, yes?.... ah, well you'll know what)
Aeros lost to Peoria (who lost to Rampage just Saturday in Regulation) in a shoot out! But then - as I predicted - Big Bend Ben Bishop was being saved for the occasion and it worked for the Rivermen. It sure looks like that the 3. period Aeros just could not do it and when the Guys have to do OT and SO.... it's a loss-just about everytime-at least this season.

Now I was not there, so I have this question: Did the Aeros go first - again?
Seems to me that gives the other team a leg up....
and the choice is the Aeros!
Maybe it's a 'polite thing'.. let the guest start- 
Who would know?
And I see Taffe is back and
Kassian got another goal!
I also see that Cheechoo actually was present and even sent to the penalty box for hooking, Hmmm.
So anyone how good was he?


Anonymous said...

Christa - Aeros let the Rivermen go first Sunday night for the shootout. As you know, it didn't work, we lost a SO again!!!


artandhockey said...

Thanks for update.. yep, sure looks that way. SO are the bane for the Aeros. But a point IS a point. Hard climb up point per point, eh!