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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kuemper signs with the Wild-may play here

The 21 year goalie just signed with the Wild a three year, entry level deal. That means he will not need to re-enter the draft, and not loose a privileged position.
Most likely earning $90,000 signing bonus, $67,500 annual salary.
Hackett, Kuemper and Endras are all signed, and Gustafsson is as well..
Still in Minnesota  Backstrom is Nr. 1.  Who will be Nr. 2.: Theodore, Harding, Endras?

Most likely not Hackett, although he does seem be a favorite. 
For sure not Kuemper whom many wil remember playing for the Aeros looking 15 years old "-) but played like a pro!
And since I have overheard some asking about future Aeros.
Here is some information I came up with from various sources in the hockey world.
Wild and possible Aeros are:
Foucault - deceptively fast and agile - we have seen a couple times,
Bulmer -doesn't mind to fight as we have also seen,
Jobke and Lofgren all currently "in residence" at Houston!

Sallinen -will have to be signed by June if the Wild want to retain his rights;
Hamburg, Haula,Larsson, Zucker are prospects and need to be considered.
And other possibles include Baertschi, Krupp, Medvec, Caron, McKinlay, Lorenz.
Granlund - not, he stays over there!  As may Lehtonen.

From the Aeros to the Wild: several players will have to battle it out for a slot up there:
Wellman,  Almond, Scandella, Rau, Gillies, Spurgeon, O'Sullivan.
Kassian - the need for enforcers is getting less obvious.
Noreau, Penner, Palmer and Falk are RFA. Fraser is UFA.

What will happen to Morency, Campbell, Daoust, Peters, Bagnall, McMillan, Prosser,
Earl, Fredheim, Buck, Broda, Tordjman, Ortmeyer is not really known for sure.
Di Salvatore has one more year to go with the Aeros,  I think.
I am certain that T3I will keep us all posted on their fate during the summer!

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