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Monday, May 2, 2011

Anticipation surges high

And not only because Bin Laden is - reportedly - finally brought down so maybe the wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere will also wear down.

Matt Hackett (AHL photos)
But also, that the Aeros will face the Admirals at home and bring home the - well not the bacon, but something more exciting - the chance to move up a notch in the Battle for the Calder Cup.As of today the pairings in the West show that
Aeros and Admirals are 1-1, Bulls and Moose 2-0.
And the 'cousins' out East:
Baby Sens 2 and Pirates 1, Baby Pens and Checkers 1-1.

And in the IIHF
Here is some news about 'short and light' Wild Prospect Mikael Granlund:
and if anyone is interested an article about an ageless (ha ageless - at 38 - double ha) Austrian Skater:
Results from Sunday games:
Russia - Slovenia 5-4; Canada - France 9-; Germany - Slovakia 4-3
and Switzerland - Belarus 4-1.

Latvia's Arturs Kulda suspended for only 3 games for his 'intended' check on Radek Martinek of Czech Republic, who sustained a major concussion with large hematoma and will be out indefinitely.

Today's games: Cze vs Den; USA vs Nor; Lat vs Fin
and Swe vs Aut.

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