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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Which Aeros did we watch tonight?

What we expected was not what we got, alas!

Flurries of activity

Aeros first Goal

Ads first Goal

Smith with 'belly save'

Ads goal Thuresson

Smith on bottom of the heap-lost helmet

Wellman "get out of my way guy"!

It was as if the Aeros were left behind in Milwaukee after the shut out win in game 2.
The Team that skated tonight was full of beans in the First.
Whatever happened in the intermission?
The team that skated out for the second period seemed changed.
Yes, they peppered Smith with 9, 10 and even 15 SOGS.
While the Ads had 10, 7 and 8 respectively.
And yet Ads scored 5 times, once in the 1. 2x each in 2. and 3.

Now the Aeros did get 2 PP goals (Spurgeon and Scandella) and THAT goal by Palmer, that definitely went in..as the 3 replays so dramatically showed. It took the officials much longer to actually credit it!

And I liked what a saw of the kid Bulmer (Nr. 11) speedy skates, fast reactions.
Someone to look forward to for next season?

But after a surging First, second and third periods were lackluster, disoriented perhaps?
Hackett was not the only one with a 'bad hairday'.
IMO the following Numbers had one, too: 14, 26 (although He did provide a few moments of a new form of hockey-kick hockey or Puck kicking, perhaps ;-) ; 15, 44 (what was he waiting for? A puck brought to him while he hoovered at the glass so many times?) ; a few times even 16 (passing the puck to space or the Admirals?).

Anyway it was a disappointing night at the TC. I shall just have to keep the bottle of bubbly on ice.
In case it will be needed to celebrate..or maybe needed to drown the sorrows?

BTW Moose won over Bulldogs (former Aeros Rosa had an assist) and
The Pirates won over Binghampton, with Brust (former Aeros)/Lehner in goal.

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ICEVET said...

FIRST STAR OF THE GAME....goes to LANE LAMBERT, the mercurial and cagey Admirals Coach, whose adroit game strategy and intra-period / inter-period adjustments MUTED the Aeros effectiveness after the first 10 minutes.

The Aeros coaching staff failed the Team, miserably, on Tuesday evening. Collective fan criticism misses the POINT.

Hopefully, the COACHES can learn something from Tuesday night and RISE to the challenge in the days ahead.

Go Aeros!!!