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Thursday, November 10, 2011

It was not unexpected

Abbortsford Heat burn Aeros.
Abbortsford 5 vs Aeros 3. Even a last ditch effort could not save Aeros tonight.
Another loss to a better team.
And guess what?
Former crowd pleaser Krys Kolanos almost did it again.
But had to contend himself with only 2 goals, 1 assist and two penalties, LOL.
Kolanos on the Warpath
At first I was pleasantly surprised to see an aggressive Aeros team skate out shooting 11 to the Heat's 4 one of which was an unassisted Goal Nr. 1 By KK.
Heat defense present and accounted for
Alas THAT energy level subside mightily in the second period in which 7 SoG for the Aeros got them one goal by McIntyre, Fontaine, Cuma.
Kolanos got his 2nd Goal and Nemisz number 3 of 14 SoG for .
Hackett was a busy guy that time

Third Period saw a newly energized team with 2 goals  one by Foucault, Fontaine, Genoway
and with seconds to spare another by Wellman, Taffe and Genoway. (14 Sogs)
Great reaction by fans.. on feet but alas..Rheault got an empty netter (2.goal for him)
The Heat managed only 4 SoGs in the Third.
Both teams had 2 PP goals each.
Battling for the Puck

Irving stops yet another one

Three Sticks - One Puck... 1 goal
All snapshots above by artandhockey
It was not a good night..
the Heat was too strong and aggressive, great forechecking, great blocking,
keeping it in the Aeros zone much too often.
Although some individual Aeros Players did good work:
Genoway, Foucault, Fontaine, Wellman, Rau had some marvellous steals.
Seems Peters was sorely missed at face offs, which more often than not went the Heat Way.
Good Night under a full moon:

1 comment:

ICEVET said...

Pretty much agree with your assessment of the game...great situation pictures, as usual.

Krys Kolanos (13 points in 6 games) has added a significant dimension to an already-solid HEAT Team, which barely missed the Playoffs last season.

When on, Kolanos is a consummate AHL hockey star, as he was with the 2008-9 Aeros who made it to the Third Calder Round...capable of generating anything from garbage goals on opponents turnovers to sharp angle-goals on power plays to exciting break-away pots.

It is time for the Aeros coaching staff to re-assess the strength of their Defense (and Goalie mindsets) and make adjustments in order to get back to winning ways.

Go Aeros!