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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


well, sorta. The worst part about any surgery IS the damn early rising with hunger pangs.
NO Java to jolt one awake.

As a one eyed Monster of the Day I type with careful abandonment.
The "good" eye lets me see well...blurries with double lettering.
The "good" eye will be under the knife in two weeks as well.

But hey, cataract surgery is a breeze.. in and out in less than 10 minutes.
That is after hours of paperwork and prep time!
Coming out after those few minutes with a hard head on the left..was kinda interesting.
"Knock on wood" is appicable!

Now the face is returning to normal...other than the 'pirate patch' left.
Kinda swashbuckling, dashing, eh.
Bad timing you say.. ought to have had it done at Halloween - lol!

Now a regimen of drops. The eye kind of drops, not the candy kind.
BUT if the result means I can drive at night again without seeing white...
hey it's worth it.
And can see clearly the lovely colors of the fall foliage.. I mean the real one.
Not the burnt out dead trees starved of rain!

And while I languished Java starved, sleep deprived. hardheaded, one eyed,
I find out that Warren Peters went WILD!
 One of Peter's Goal last season
Now The Wild have two P's on the roster Peters
and Prosser...lol.
Sad for us here in H town, but congrats to the two Ps'.
It could not have happened to two nicer guys!

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