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Saturday, November 12, 2011

LIfe would be soooo Good

when one can have a hockey game one day,
A GOOD save last season!
a visit to the Art Museum on the 2nd,
Flowers compliment Art!
A Party on the 3rd.
Opera on the 4th at HGO Fidelio, the one and only opera by Beethoven.
And find out about another win or, less nice, a loss by one's hockey team on the way from the opera.
Via The Voice of the Aeros: Joe O'Donnell

And a glimpse via the net - isn't that just ducky - Opera from Theatre Monnaie/Bruxelles of George Enesco's Oedipe... playing NOW?
Cool Stuff to be found everyday!

What more can one ask?
Well, of course wins would be nice.
Wins  at every game would be better.
And getting the Calder Cup would be perfect.
Being OVER there for that Oedipe would have been nice.

Starting 2012 with the Wiener Philharmoniker's Neujahrskonzert there, would be nice..

The Vienna Ball season to start early...
Actually dancing AT the Operaball in Vienna would be heaven.
But life is not perfect.. ............so we enjoy what we can : hip hop?
 ChaChaCha with humor?
Or in a serious line this

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