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Sunday, November 6, 2011

And the Winner ....

IS the Toronto Marlies.
A lot of 2s about, this evening.
Marlies goals 2 in 1., 2 in 2. and 2 again in 3. for 6 total.
Aeros 1 in 1. and 1 in 3 for a total of-you guessed it a 2!

Aeros got on the board barely into the First with a PP goal by Peters, Di Salvatore and Wellman.
And with 12 second to go at end of game Di Salvatore, Taffe and Genoway got an honorable 2. goal.

After the Peters Goal
It was not that the Marlies Goalie, Stockholm native (yes) Mark Owuya was THAT good a goalie...
and Endras was not!
You'd think with all those Aeros in attendance??? But Frattin still got his 2 goals on Endras
Endras in one of his Humpty Dumpty Incarnation
Being peppered with a total of 39 sogs,
Endras stopped 33 looking like a humpty dumpty at times
Owuya stopped 20 of 22.
Both goalies tried their hand at a "Barry Brust" (lol) move tonight!
Both skated wayyyy out to fire the puck down the ice!
Where oh, where were their defenders? Napping?
Maybe trying for a shoot out goal on each other, just kidding - lol?

It was more that the Marlies (after having lost several games) apparently woke up,
skated well, passed well, stole puck well and kept the game for the most part in the Aeros side.

It was not that the Marlies offense was that good.
Cuma - trying out for goalie position maybe?
It was not that the Aeros Defense was real bad!
And that the offense was not too sharp either.
Or was it?
Spread legs allowed puck through only to end up on the stick of - a Marlies!
Pucks lost to 'stealing' Marlies :-)!

Maybe it was the 'Ortmeyer factor' :-), that was missing, as was he -
due to being suspended by the AHL for this one game.

Maybe it was that  2 / 3 new(ish) guys were at the game...
Almond 2. game down (two penalties)- there are the 2s again!
Reid (almost new) 1 penalty,
Kassian 1. game back (one penalty).
Others went to Peters, McIntyre and
Foucault {no Papa Ortmeyer around to calm down the young hothead?:-)}.

So what was it?

Maybe my not wearing the Ortmeyer Jersey ;-)?

Maybe my friend EK who had wanted so badly to see this game,
but was unavoidably stuck in opera rehearsals
("Cosi fan tutte" at Opera in the Heights -
he sings the sneaky older man with an awesomely deep bass),
that the Marlies put on this show and won it for him in absentia :-)!?

I am not clear in my mind if the bad playing Aeros made the Marlies look like a super team?
That slogan just seem to have inspired the Marlies tonight ;-)!
Or the Marlies playing like a well oiled machine, made the Aeros look like an amateur team-
to be charitable a - better  - amateur league team!

Anyway, half way through game a case of heartburn made me miserable.
So I was already miserable and not only through watching this slaughter of the (not so innocent)
Aeros by the rapacious (my, they really were hungry for a win!!) Marlies!

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Rapacious! Good word.