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Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Blues

Just how does one top a day like yesterday?
Covent Garden's Fidelio-seen at HGO
  'Prisoners out for a taste of sunlight'!
With a moving experience at the Opera,
followed by a win by one's favorite Hockey team on a beautifully WARM
(yes, you know I like it warm) day!One doesn't.
One cannot.
But there was a touching moment and you can watch
 it all here.

Other news from here, abroad and around the world are really horrid!
Since I truly don't like to write certain 4-letter or 3 letter words -
horrid and torrid must suffice, as the case may be :-)!
The so-called official media is full of that kind of stuff anyway,
way too much of it for way too long.
I often long in my NON PC way to scream "ENOUGH ALREADY"!

Guess that makes me a less than 'modern' Millie!
Not that my name IS Millie!  :-)!
Nor can I sing like Julie Andrews!
And no, I have not been around since the Roaring Twenties,
although sometimes it sure feels that way ;-)!

Basta.. it is Blah, ahem BLUE Monday!

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