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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Abs and Pecs and Uniforms.

Musing on various things, ideas and conceptions.
It does seem that some of us art and hockey lovers appreciate all the finer things.

Of course, with Opera it is the voice .
Naturally  :-)!   as proven in the clip below  :-)!
(Andrea Concetti with the Catalogue Aria from Mozart's Don Giovanni)
in singing that's where Abs and Pecs come in (lol) they support the 'air column' which gives heft to the voice.....and more, ahem!
 Tom Corbeil
and again proven here:
 Nathan Gunn in Pearlfishers.
The Visual Arts is where form is truly appreciated: right?
artandhockey photo from MFAH
Ballet: style, form..........and form :-):
Danceur Roberto Bolle

And in Hockey it has to be (uni)forms and ......... ahem, form :-):
Nolan Schaefer - Photo by Fred Trask
artandhockey photo
Isn't it said that women LOVE men in uniform!

by artandhockey Eagle Dancer

That must be it!  The Uniforms! 
Just the uniforms, eh? 
All Uniforms?  Hmm

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