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Saturday, November 5, 2011

The last "Satirist" dies.

Yes, it is true..
in my mind at least, Andy Rooney was the last GOOD satirist.
He spoke his mind in a world in which we are constantly adjured to 'CYA'.
To be PC at all times.
To never touch, never hug because it may, nay WILL, be misinterpreted.
I sure did like his ready wit and, yes, his grousing, about all and sundry things.

He may have - I say - may have offended some. 
People with thin skins.
People who always seem to take everything personally.
Who may have a chip on their shoulder.
Are easily offended by what they perceive to be criticism or slur.
And force a confrontation. Force apologies.
Yet, are usually first in line to protest loudly THEIR right to free speech!
Methinks, they protest too much, eh, :-)!

He died at 92 just last Friday: here is more.

HE made "60 Minutes" worth while watching.
A "60 Minutes" without Andy Rooney is not THE "60 Minutes" I enjoyed for so many years.
So, ANDY ROONEY, you will be missed.

You brought a breath of original fresh air to the'serious' (they hope) media.
You groused indiscriminately about what bugged you.
And what many of us, admitting to it or not, did as well.
I respect your speaking unvarnished truths, with a tongue-in-cheek flavor.
Especially that tongue-in-cheek flavor :-)!
YOU made me smile, more often, laugh out loud.
In my mind YOU were, are still, The Curmudgeon par excellence,
a sharp wit leavened with a great sense of humor.

For all that  "Thank you, Andy Rooney".

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ICEVET said...

"The Curmudgeon Par Excellence".....well said!!!

His iconic, salt-of-the-earth, "weekly chats" always reminded us that we could maintain our civility by not taking ourselves seriously.