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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Aeros win 5-1 vs Stars

Cedar Park was good to the Aeros tonight,
and Dennis Endras kept the Stars to just 1 goal.
AEros had 2 goals each in the 1. and 2. and 1 in 3. Period.
Interestingly, they played more aggressively in the 2 period with 10 shots on goal.
(I always want to type gaol...)
Each Aeros goal by a different player: McMillan, Almond, Penner and Rau;
with Wellman getting 1 Goal and 1 Assists,
Di Salvatore with 2 Assists.
May the hot streak continue into tomorrow when The Heat, with  Kolanos on the warpath. is back in town.
I will attend and plan to take photos....

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