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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gender Reversal

The Moon, The Sun, The Star
artandhockey: The  sun rises in Victoria, BC
But just go to German and you'll find:
DER Mond, DIE Sonne, DER Stern.
Which kinda makes sense to me.
The sun (she) is after all said to be nurturing...crops, people.
I am sure you'll have read /heard about the kids growing up with rickets in urban slums?

Venture into romance languages and you'll find :
LA Luna, EL Sol. LA Estrella.
LA Lune, LE Soleil, L(a)'Etoile.
The Moon becomes romantic as in Lune de Miel,
which the English call Honeymoon..

artandhockey: The sun sets in New Mexico

Moon and Star are feminine,
the Sun masculine in Latin based languages.
And attributes must match the gender of the nouns.
EL Sol grande, La Luna serena ...
Le Soleil chaud, La Lune claire..

But they also do in German:
Die grosse Sonne, Der kalte Mond ..
And German uses a 3rd gender the Neutral as in
DAS Fenster (the window) not to be confues with The Widow (Die Witwe) ;-)!
But, and that is confusing I admit, moonlight or sunlight become neutral too :
Das Sonnenlicht. Das Mondlicht.

Only the English stays out of the gender wars by being so non specific :-)!
The hot Sun, The cool Moon...

Interesting that.
It is a wonder that some humans get confused about which gender they are?
Ah well, just some food for thought.

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