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Friday, November 4, 2011

Monsters and Bulldogs overcome

by a fired up team! Are the Aeros hot? Or what?
Aeros victorious over Bulldogs 4-2 in regulation.
Interesting numbers.. both goalies stopped 24 sogs. 
Scoring went 0-1-1 Hamilton vs 0-2-2 for the Aeros.
Getting on the board with 11 pts (4 goals and 7 assists) which leaves them still in
FIRST PLACE in the West.
11 games played, 7W, 1L, 0 OT W/L. 3 So L = 17 points in theWest.
Just ahead of the Barons, Rampage are in last pleace!

In case you missed it:
Goals by
DiSalvatore withTaffe and Genoway
Fontaine with Bagnall and Reid
Peters with Taffe and Wellman
Palmer with Almond.. yes, Almond Joy IS back.
Kassian was not yet on Board, it seems.

May we see him on Sunday, if we are lucky?

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