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Friday, November 18, 2011

They all do IT - freely after Mozart..

Cosi Fan Tutte at Opera in the Heights was tremendous.
I apologize in advance, if it looks like descriptions having been cribbed from various articles..
which I did NOT read. Until I post here!
Then I will read them! :-)! Friends are always sending my snippets and clippings...

But having seen last night's production (11/17 Emerald Cast) what I can,
want to, say about it probably repeats others' reviews.
The cast was exceptionally well matched.

Naturally, as I favor the deeper voices (men, more - a course :-)!
Erik Kronke's Don Alfonso, was enthralling. And judging from the applause and bravos on taking his bows at the end, so felt the rest of the audience.  And it was well deserved. Bravo Erik Kronke!
BTW he will be back for Anna Bolena in January 2012!
Erik Kronke
Photo By Gwen Turner Juarez - Thank you.
The orchestra played spiritedly under the energetic baton of Maestro Carreon Robledo, with special dedication, methinks, by the strings!
Soprano Emily Newton as Fiordiligi gave a beautifully paced and finely drawn performance. Her big rich voice rang true and strong throughout.
Well matched by the flirty Dorabella of Mezzo Ann Sauder. Who, so we learn, has taken on this role for ALL performances. Brava Ann Sauder!

Both, Tenor Emanuel-Christian Caraman as Ferrando,
and Baritone Kevin Wetzel as Guglielmo sang and acted truly well.
Caraman used his fine Tenor very pleasantly.
Wetzel projected some humor (IMO) into his portrayal.

Jennifer Whalen  was a sprightly Despina, although I for one, felt her mugging and falsetto singing as the Notary a bit too Keystone Cops-ish! Just my opinion, of course!
Otherwise she was a pleasant addition to the strong cast.

The OH! Chorus, who doubled as stage hands, did it all amusingly well.
The staging's great bright lightening made the tiny stage at Lambert Hall look surprisingly spacious!
Three more perfomances.. tonight (Ruby Cast), Saturday (Emerald) and Sunday afternoon (Ruby)!
Having said all that, I now must admit, that COSI is not my favorite Mozart Opera.
It just seems too long. Beautiful and exiting music notwithstanding!
Several scenes could be easily shortened without lessening the plot,
perhaps even strengthening the satirical impact of it.

And as in Don Giovanni - which does happen to be a big Favorite of mine -
The moralizing sextetts at the end of either opera actually detract from it.
Let Don Giovanni end with the Don's fall into hell!
Just my opinion...

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