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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I can see clearly now...

The whites are whiter, the reds glow, the blues sparkle, the greens are greener
and the mauves, lilacs  and purples are - still my favorite mauves, lilacs and purples.
Really almost too bright! As long as I keep right eye closed.
With it open the colors are still kinda muted -
taupish, ecru, beigeish...and murky! Just not quite as ecru- murky as before.
Of which I am becoming aware hourly.

What else would one want.?
I want it all.. in both eyes and will have it in another week or so?
It IS amazing what a new lens will do for one!
In just the one eye at the moment.
Yes, it is still kinda soppy.
But with a daily 4 drops of two meds, and 2 drops of another, it'll be a bit soppy for the next 4 weeks plus 2 (after the second op)!
Of course, everyone who had it done said so... but until one sees for oneself, it is hearsay.

Because I am NOT used to all that brightness, I feel the need to wear slightly tinted, alas not rose colored, glasses :-).
Which I might need tonight when the Aeros take on The Abbortsfort Heat WITH Krys Kolanos.
You do remember HIM?
He scores hat tricks.
And already has one, as far as I know, under his fight strap!
After sitting out a year with health issues he IS back with a vengeance at 30! 
A Veteran player with a magnum of talent - for the other side!
Kolanos as Wild 39! Way Back When.
Photo was borrowed from Krys Kolanos Fan Club on FB



BobbyR said...

Mrs. Art, did you have a cataract removed? It reads like what I have from my cataract removal and lens implant in August 2010. Colors so bright and vibrant in my left eye (operated on) and muted yellow in my right eye with the natural lens.

artandhockey said...

yes The right will be oin about 1 week. Then I really will see VERY clearly .... lol! Left for reading, right for long distance!