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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Now what? Gadgets and Gizmos...

Just read about the 'newest' apps (if you can call it this service for computers).

They, for a fee of course, enable one to "shut off on demand" internet notifications, email, social net working, etc.!

So, first we invent all kinds of gadgets to surf the internet, stay in touch etc.
.:-)!Now we invent gadgets to stop all that .

May I suggest a very simple (K.I.S.S.) way:
just pull the plug!
And go back to reading a real book,
talk face to face, write a real letter.

And that brings me to another thing - the subject of heated actual discussions at table last night.

Do you young'uns still know what that is ?A verbal interchange - not texting, not emailing, not facebooking, not skyping,
in short, an actual face-to-face discussion? 
We talked about:
  • Political Correctness, and its ilk, going overboard.
  • And more along the line of "Big Brother is watching".
  • The almost impossible search for a simple cell phone that lets us call out, receive calls and works for days without recharging.
Yes, one such can still be found, but the salespersons' looks of incredulity speak volumes :-)! "Ah, Another techno-dummy;-)"!
Do we really NEED texting, myriad apps to search for what?
Camera, email, internet surfing, loud music.
All causes for the need to recharge the gadget ever so often.

Too much to ask? I guess so.

Have rechargers and cables - will travel :-)
And here is the, maybe already, incomplete list:
  • Every cell phone has its own cable.
  • Every Digi Cam has ITS own -ditto.
  • Battery rechargers have their cables.
  • GPS have theirs.
  • CD players- ditto.
  • Netbooks, Kindles and PCs have their chargers and connecting cables.
  • And the list goes on.
The more gadgets, the more cables.
I now travel with a bag just for cables  :-)!

Progress, eh?

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