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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Importance of Being Relevant

What IS relevant?
That depends on one's age.
And perhaps upbringing.

In this world of instant-ness any relevance is only fleeting.

Just think:
What happens a world away is instantly available via cell phones/web.
What you find on YouTube is instantly a hit for a moment, before the next one appears.
What you read on the web is instantly relevant for that hour, perhaps day.

But think again.
Every moment of instantant relevance turns into a moment of old hat.
New words turn into 'has beens' as newer phrases become the In-Thing.
The latest fashions are so dernier cri! (literally-dernier=last=past)
Everything has been done, seen, worn, experienced before.
In various incarnations.

The bell bottoms of the "Make Love not War" seventies, return as 'bootcut' style.
The stirrups, now footless, are back.
Even in jeans into which one has to shoehorn oneself!

The geometric prints which looked like artwork.
They've been back - just in different color combinations.. more clashing perhaps!

Belts come and go, thin ones, wide ones, low slung ones, under the bust ones,
chain ones, elastic ones. Just made of different materials.

Peasant skirts are around again.
Now called something else.. but still the same long skirt!
Short and shorter skirts come and go.
Flirty hems...then called Godets, now who knows what name the designers give them.
Short shorts been here, went away, came back..
And in bathing suits styles are repeating themsleves as well.

Empire styled dresses. Halter style dresses. Strapless dresses.
Waisted dresses (hello 50's).
Low waisted dresses (hello 20's)
The slinky style IS better in cling (thanks to Latex which makes it possible)
which so 'tastefully' (;-) molds every, even the tiniest, bulge: Hail to the Bulge!
Wearable art (those Bob Mackie's..just love them)-
remember hand painted material with hand embroidered designs!
Cropped jackets, boyfriend blazers, wide sleeve jackets.
Short sleeve jackets to show off your selection of  gloves in the 50'4 /bracelets now.

Glamor is back.
Funky rings (how do I love them),
gloriously glitzy costume jewellery (if one cannot afford Tiffany's).
Long and longer jangly earrings... been here, gone, came back!

The pointy toes with 5 inch stiletto heels of the late 50's showed up again lately.
This time yours truly did not even dream of teeter tottering.
Most toes are too square for those "pointies"!  And later one finally realizes that!
Or rather one's corns and bunions do. A painful reminder of those days of the high heels!

As did, and do the clunky platforms on which yours truly clomped around for a while (70'S) think herself oh, so chic! But those are even lame compared to what's being worn now.
And multiple twisted ankles later decided it was not worth it!
Lace up shoes, ala Roman gladiators, now with higher heels and glitzy attachments.

So are all these new trends relevant?
Is it that relevant to be hip with the young?
I think not.
Relevant was, is and should always be personal expressions, emotions and how one reacts to it.
And that comes with experience and - perhaps, ennui!
After all "Alles schon mal dagewesen"- all has been done, seen, heard before.
Bah, Humbug.


Cananymous said...

You're just too funny.

artandhockey said...

@Canaymous.. Thank you for stopping in. Guess you are Canadian? Hockey fan perhps?

artandhockey said...

Sorry, that should be *Cananymous*.