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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Once upon a time......

there was a hockey team at home in Houston,
The Aeros of the AHL.
It had a good year, a Western Championship, an almost Calder Cup Win, and some solid skaters and net minders.
It also had Super loyal fans and supportive audiences.
Then, there came the new season and the 'Unfinished Business' slogan.
And it started so well.
The team was the Best of the West.

But then came the 'Wild' wicked witch of the North and carried off player after player.
Used them to stoke her dying embers (=injured) without much success.
Used them up and sent them back South,  frustrated.
Called up others, then sent back through a seemingly eternal revolving door.

And the depleted Aeros battled on valiantly.
Exhilaration - a goal!
And then came the somewhat questionable officiating.
What does it take to call a penalty and a game misconduct?
Blood on the ice and an EMS evacuation off the rink?

And do any of you wonder that the team is not performing at its best?
So frustrating to anyone (and the Aeros, as professionals they are, are just human, too), when the officials seemingly pander to the opposing teams.
Not just once but several times, yet.
And the battle continues, or does it?
Fallon at his Best!

One almost wishes it was over!
The team goes for a long summer rest to regroup - with fresh new blood - for next season and unfinished business.

But did they live happily ever after?
That is THE question.

Most of the fans stayed loyal, frustrated,
disappointed, but loyal.

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ICEVET said...

The departure (trade) of Casey Wellman, in particular, was disappointing to loyal fans.

His WILD recall, ongoing injury, and later reassignment (injured) deprived the Aeros of a 1-goal/game scorer over a 20-game stretch AND the excitement he generated during every shift on-ice.

Most fans will never forget his 4-goal performance against Matt Climie during a Toyota game in December, 2010.

Go Aeros!!!