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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ads revenge Rivermen :-)!

Ads win! Carry home a 2-1 win over Aeros after a hard battle with no goals in the First, one goal by Mueller (shorthanded) for Ads and Brett Bulmer's first professional goal to bring Aeros even. in the 3. Then an OT with no goal and the Ads get 2 into the net past a visibly tired (most likely sore..lower body) Hackett by Blum and Thang.

Taffe scored an  honorable goal for Aeros. So the Aeros get 1 point in this game.
IMO the Animals ahem Admirals played a tough and rough, aggressive game.

It seemed they had it in for Prosser and Almond, bouncing them into the boards rather frequently with NO penalties called, especially the second and third periods. Trying to embroil them in fisticuffs, perhaps? Maybe they are known in the AHL for hot-headedness? Next to us sat obviously some Admirals lol (people) who took detailed notes and asked about the Nr. 15= Prosser!!)

Or tripping up Aeros, with no penalties called by Wiebe and Koharsky known in the AHL for not using their whistles a lot. It just seemed to me and Better Half that the Ads got away with stuff while either one or both refs back were turned rather conveniently.
But to give the Ads goalie his due, he played well, as did Hackett until he looked like being hit hard, but elected to finish the game into OT and SO.
Maybe that was not smart!
Whatever, the Aeros did gain a point and are tied with 4 other teams.
Di Salvatore was outstanding, he most definitely led by example.
Bulmer, I may have mentioned before, was HOT, unafraid to beard the enemy, skating hard, seemingly always close to the net .. just in case a puck came his way?
Which it indeed did...HE SCORED!
I really think the duo Bulmer and Palmieri work well together.
The third Period was exceptionally exciting, alas, it ended in a loss, but with ONE point gained.
Here a fews photos:
A wild eyed Henderson #15, after Prosser #15

Di Salvatore leading by example

Prone Prosser keeps Thang from scoring

Phew that was close...
Atta Boy, Atte, puck away..

Bulmer Goal - puck in net

Yes, Brett it shows up there-your goal

  Atte catches well, doesn't he?

Puck in or out  - NO goal
Hackett meditating before SO?

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