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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where have all the Aeros of the last games gone?

It is with regret that I write this.
But in the First Round of Calder Cup Play Off vs the Nr. 1 seeded Oklahoma City Barons at Houston a loss of 0-5 was recorded.
I am sure that OKC goalie Danis was a bit bored with the just 14 SOG a somewhat discombobulated Aeros were able to sport.
I am not sure I liked how the Aeros played.  They just were not there! Rushing around, loosing pucks, yes some played agressively, but to little effect. After all ZERO goals and only this small number of SOGs.
While OKC were all there, stealing passes, attacking fiercely, never letting up. 48 SOGs... that is huge! And so they won the first game of Round One vs Aeros. Tomorrow will be game 2 .. a repeat?
Must we be thankful the Team made it into Round One at all?
Guess so.
A miracle team they do not appear to be.
The third goal in
Upending Arcobelli did not help that last goal in

Some last minute clean up for  Brodeur?
Protecting Brodeur?
On the other hand Hackett did very well stopping 33 of 37.. and the last of these were let in last. And it looked to me he when he was pulled in favor of Brodeur he seemed hurt, perhaps aggravated a previous light injury a week or so earlier. NO INJURY, I hear.
This is not to say he actually was, it just seemed to me so!
Of course I do wish he were not. Just pulled after 4 goals.
Nevertheless for his amazing saves he did was Star 1 of the game.

Brodeur ready to scoop the puck?
Double his jersey Number 20 and you get Helmer's age!

Th new Nr. 17 .. no he is NOT Wellman!

The tension IS palpable!
And seeing Helmer play at 40, Di Salvatore at 30 ought to be looking forward to another decade skating in the AHL, and I, for one, hope for The Aeros :-)! Go SAL!

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