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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On Spring Cleaning

On very rainy days,  closets just demand to be cleaned out. So I go and try on things, switch things around, match skirts with tops and so forth. Really, my intentions are real good...a radical cleaning out of clothes and shoes, and purses, and scarves, and..
It's just a miracle, since I haven't seen the inside of shops, except for groceries for quite a while. So why is it that the number of items just keep growing?

Now to work as I attempt to sort into 4 categories:
a) bwti..bought while temporarily insane.. to the resale pile?
b) where did this one come from .. to the donation pile?
c) maybe a keeper?  Re-evaluate later.
d) definitely a keeper and immediately back into the closet!

I could, if I wanted, change into a completely different outfit every day, maybe even twice or trice a day.
But ... there are those favorites, that get worn as often as possible and cleaned as often, too. Which makes them faded and ..but oh, so comfortable.

Maybe it is the primeval urge to collect and hoard going way back to humans as hunter gatherers?
 Or maybe, it is the need to feel safe, and what better way to feel safe than in familiar comfortable oldies?

Whatever the reason I am putting most of them back  -  for now.
And like Scarlett: I 'll think about it tomorrow!

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