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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hanging on..

Aeros are hanging on to their 10th place in Western Conference, for now.
With the tight win 5-3 (the 5th goal an empty netter on a  PP) over the Rampage.
Despite the switch of goalies from Markstrom to Grumet Morris by the Rampage.
Despite the (for this game ) improved Aeros PP of 3 out of 4 opportunities.
Despite...the energizing combo of Bulmer and Palmieri.
Yes, as I said before, I like what I see with Brett Bulmer, as I am sure the Wild do as well.
One more game to be won.
And as it is against the Texas Stars I feel pretty confident it will be.
But has to be in regulation. No more OT and SO.
It is just so frustrating that these last game winners come at last moments.
As they started so they ended...
just went a bit absent during the months in between LOL.

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