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Monday, April 9, 2012

Being afraid.. running (wish I were) scared of

Proud Little Havana Inhabitant- Miami
not the dark, per se.
But lately leg cramps at ankle, calf and shin on the right are waken me much too early for comfort.
Hey, I really could care less to hear roosters crowing at 4 AM or 3 AM...(that is if I were living in Little Havana where they strut freely in the streets ;-). 

And the cramps do hurt! There is screaming! No more just whimpering, lately.
Which is a lot more than annoying, I 'd say.

So, I have become afraid to lie down!
Afraid to stretch while waking or in sleep, which appears the cause for sudden cramps.
Stomping around the house in the dark alleviates the pain, finally.
So, not afraid of the dark, just afraid of the shooting and lasting pan. The ankle feels locked in contorted position, for instance.
Hard to describe but trust me, NOT fun at all.
Although laughing about it helps.
Where is the Bionic Science to replace non functioning body parts.. lol!
Sure could use some of that!

Turkeys in the raw! King Ranch
It seems that they started up right after that infamous hospital stay over Thanksgiving
(more fowl stuff lol, I am afraid)
Rusting on King Ranch
 Whatever the cause it really is debilitating.. aches, sleep deprivation, scary!
And in case you ask: I do eat bananas, I take minerals and vitamins, I do eat lots of greens and fruits and protein, too.  And exercise daily.
WELL, perhaps just getting old and worn like old farm machinery set out to pasture and rust in the Texas sunshine. Like this thing-roto tiller or whatever (at King Ranch) at right:-).

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