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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ecstasy, Agony and - Relief!

After the agonizing last games I have to admit I feel relief.
Relief that the nailbiting is over for fans.
Relief for the player that they can finally hang up their skates.
Relief that the injured players will be able to heal 100% and- perhaps- get a fresh start here or Elsewhere, for that matter.
Kinda like one feels relief that the long drawn out agony of suffering is over!
I have posted often in the past, that the absence of certain keyplayers sucked into the vortex up North was a true negative.
On top of that the -  IMO - very untimely trading of Casey Wellman for an admittedly somewhat active player up North, BUT NOT here, made a big dent in the scoring phalanx of the Aeros.
diSalvatore, Fredheim and Brodeur

Yes, Di Salvatore skated like a man possessed many times, seemed single handedly dragging his team forward.
Victory at home

Yes, the addition of the hotties Bulmer and Palmieri in tandem with Almond worked out rather well towards the - alas - bitter end.
From the good old days: shorthanded goal by Almond
Yes, injuries and call ups hampered the flow of smooth teamwork.
And let us NOT forget the less than stellar officiating which plagued the AHL all season long, either too little control, or too much ego among the zebras on ice!
And the list could go on.

Now it is time to relax, regroup, brush up, rekindle the flame, wait,
AND HOPE, for the next season of Aeros Hockey! 
Maybe this unfinished business will see a resolve then!
We can only hope!
Go Aeros!

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