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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Killing Fields of Hockey

Sure feels that way.
What these teams do to gain the upper hand in the race for the Cup(s) borders on "mission impossible"!
Or so it looks. Give or take dirty tricks.
Yes, those so lately in the news.

Hockey is never boring, right? If you accept dirty tricks or not.
From all I've heard and read the NEW hockey without a designated enforcer, opens up skilled players
to be injured.  Of course, being a player of fame will ensure that the BIG Brother in the NHL takes note and assigns penalties commensurate with the injuries inflicted, or so they think.

The fans do not always agree.
As to the length and severity of penalties given.
Sometimes not even that a penalty is the right thing to do.

Another thing that kinda bothers me.. the 'hate' that some fans spout versus some players.
A 'hate'  that includes but is not limited to aspersions on that player's talent and/or sexual preference.
Why do they have to do this?
Why not just admit that this players is more talented than others.
One player has more brain that brawn.
One player seems (I say SEEMS) less macho.
Or another player more (TOO perhaps?) macho.
 Yes, they are 'public figures' and so exposed but do we really have to be so vindictive to be insulting?

I personally could care less as long as player show talent and have a proven record.
Let them be whatever they want after hours!
Of course, anyone who goes public via Twitter etc. IS inviting comments which he may not want to hear or read.
That's his choice and he should be aware of the consequences.
And that's all for today's issue... LOL.
A little Mozart to send you on your way

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